What is UserTesting? Scam or Legit? Your Answers Inside [A Review]

If you’re looking for ways to make money online or revenue streams to add into an existing business, Usertesting is one of the many options that can come up.


With 1.9 billion live websites and 4.8 million blog posts published today (the day of this writing), internet users have plenty of information to entertain themselves with.  Website owners who spend their time to create a website, make it nice, and add content, still incur the risk that they haven’t done enough to get people to their sites.  Rather than wait to see if a site will engage customers, get sales, or whether it will turn customers away, Usertesting has formulated a process where site owners can get on-demand feedback, and testers can get paid.


What is UserTesting? An Overview


what is usertesting scam or legit


Usertesting is a site where website owners can go to get feedback on their site’s user experience.  The website owners pay for the feedback on their website and user testers (like you) can get paid to give feedback about the site navigation, the speed, design, user experience, and more.


If you’re here it’s likely that you want to know if this is a good opportunity to make money online, so I’ll give you all the details in this review…


How Does UserTesting Work?


For Website Owners

Website owners can go to the Usertesting site and create an account to get feeback on their sites.  There is a free trial where you’ll be able to try out the process, and see if Usertesting offers valuable insight to help improve your website.


what is usertesting


Usertesting customers are typically:


  • Wanting higher conversion rates
  • Wanting feedback before a launch
  • Looking for feedback on a new site design
  • Concerned about ease of use or user experience


As a result of their concern, they go to Usertesting and pay to have users navigate their sites.  This video gives further explanation on how to use Usertesting (if you’re considering that):



For Usertesters


1. Signup

Usertesting signup is free. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be sent a link to verify your email address.

2. Download the Software

Once you’ve verified your email address, you’ll be abe to log onto the Usertesting Site.  Then, you’ll have to download the Usertesting software onto your computer for recording your screen and voice.

3. Login or Watch out for emails from Usertesting 

Usertesting will post new tests on their dashboard where testers are able to see them and choose to perform them.  Alternatively, Usertesting will send messages to you about tests that need to be done. You can read the details of the email to evaluate whether you’re interested in performing the test.


Here’s a video walk-thru that explains how Usertesting works:



How Do You Make Money with UserTesting?


To make money as a Usertester, you have to complete a Usertest: giving your feedback on navigation and user experience of websites, apps, or prototypes. The website owner will give a list of tasks.  Some examples might be, “find a product that’s used for …” or “go to the login page”, “create a login ID”.   You’re supposed to speak aloud as you perform the tasks; letting the site owner know your thoughts.


Once your test is complete, it’s reviewed and rated by the Usertesting staff, and if your test is rated well, you’ll be paid for the test you performed.  Here’s a video that explains how to get a high rating on Usertesting:



How Much Can you Make with UserTesting?


Completed tests can earn you between $10 and up to $60.  Some testers have said they make $30/hr or more. While you can tests sites for a living if you start your own business, using the Usertesting site to build a full-time income isn’t recommended.

The tests are distributed based on the demands of Usertesting customers, and your demographic and psychographic may not be needed for testing consistently.  There are tests that you’ll fit the criteria, and other tests where you won’t qualify.  Added to that, there’s a rating system for Usertesters.  If you don’t follow the rules of the test, you may forfeit your pay.


How Do I Get Started with UserTesting?


This video shows you the signup process:


When and How Does UserTesting Pay?


After completing a test, the Usertesting staff rates the test.  You get paid from Usertesting within 7 days from performing the test.


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1: You can get paid to give site owners useful feedback

PRO #2: Unlike other opportunities, you can be paid a reasonable rate for the tests

PRO #3: A good side hustle or added stream of revenue

The Bad:

CON #1: You may not get tests consistently, so if you’re looking for a job with consistent hours or wages, this is not a good option

CON #2: You can perform a test, get a bad rating, and not be paid

CON#3: You have to download the software. It’s not cloud-based, so you can’t use a Chromebook or similar mobile device.


what is usertesting scam legit reviewWho is UserTesting For?


Usertesting is perfect for people who want to work from home and are building streams of income.  It can serve as one stream of income, however, if you want to generate a full time income, we recommend you start a home business and here’s how.

UserTesting Support


Usertesting has email and phone support to help customers and testers.


What Are Common Complaints About UserTesting?


There are very few complaints that I’ve found about Usertesting.  The two complaints that I found were on the BBB site, and they both were from one customer.  The complaints came from a tester who thought they were banned due to bad ratings from site owners.  According to Usertesting, they weren’t banned and are still able to perform tests, however the 1-star rating they received from a customer may effect the number of tests they qualify for.

What Are Common Positive Feedback About UserTesting?


Many testers say they are.paid well and on-time when they perform tests.  You can find videos and articles online that share positive experiences and recommendations:


Huffington Post


Wall Street Journal

The New York Times

Work at Home No Scams

Stealth Secrets

What’s The BBB Saying About UserTesting?


According to the Better Business Bureau, Usertesting has a B rating.

what is usertesting


My Final Opinion of UserTesting


After reviewing several businesses and opportunities to make side hustle money, I have to say this opportunity is a legit good opportunity to earn money online.  You may not be able to make a full-time income from the Usertesting site, but if you decide that you like testing websites, you can start a home-based business testing websites.


VERDICT: Recommend



Usertesting Review




Good Pay


Timely Pay


Useful Service


Overall Opportunity



  • Not much technical skill required
  • Good support
  • Get paid reasonably to give valuable feedback
  • Little to no Startup Costs
  • On your own schedule


  • May be inconsistent
  • You can get bad ratings and get less test invitations
  • You have to download software
  • You cannot perform tests on some devices because of software compatibility
  • You can't scale the business and hire testers. It's more like a job.

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  1. Hi Tiffany,far out another way to make money on the internet revealed!! I thought this was such a good article for the following reasons:

    great easy to read layout

    opened my mind to another way to earn money online!!

    great images,videos and graphics on this page.Good work here,gave it a professional appearance !!

    excellent comprehensive explanation of usertesting in this article!!

    I think overall,great work in here Tiffany,well done !!

  2. This is an interesting article on UserTesting. I’ve never heard of it before, but I think it’s a great concept. I find getting feedback on my site very useful. It’s hard to see the big picture of your website when you’re immersed in it every day.

     It’s a win/win for the tester, as well because they get paid. It sounds like a great gig for those wanting to work from home, and implement an additional stream of income.  Sounds like a great theory, but in practice, it’s got some glitches, which you so helpfully outlined. Thanks for the honest review of both the pros and the cons.

  3. Hi Tiffany – I really enjoyed your article as I learned something new about user testing.  I thought it was great that you addressed both the website owners and the user testers.

    I appreciate the final review, as I have read articles in the past that never wrap it up at the end.  Your article was very informative engaging.

    Good job,


  4. Thanks for introducing this interesting side income possibility.

    I wonder if I will get jobs there due of me not speaking perfect English. I will sign up though and give it a try.

    I think one or two hours a day if it works for me would definitely help sponsor my blog which is not yet making a great profit and also let me see some interesting professional websites and learn what criteria they are interested to improve.

    How are the pay outs being made?

  5. What an exciting review, Tiffany! It caught my attention that I watched all the videos!  It seems legit and can be trusted too. Something that I am excited and would definitely try this plus the fact, that you can join for FREE!

    I think it is really a good way to earn extra income

    Although, there are couple of things that concerns me…

    In case, I get a bad review, Will it affect my site? Is it globally? I watched the video that shows how to sign up, and it shows that you can select a country, but there are times that the available countries are still limited.

    I will be coming back to get my answers, LOL! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Mina! The customer reviews effect your profile on the Usertesting site, but not your personal website. I’m not sure about the changes in the country availability. From what I researched, countries that are able to receive Paypal payments are able to be testers.

  6. Emmanuel Buysse

    Great post and good info. 

    UserTesting seems to be good when it comes to earn a bit more income, but as you stated, as a full time income will be practical impossible. About the download, really, I don’t have a problem with that, but I understand other people have. I love to test out things so maybe this is good for me to earn a bit more and doing something I like. 

    So, thanks for sharing this! 

  7. Tiffany, hey! Great job on your website again. 

    You know what?  I could not imagine that there might be a method of paid testing of websites commissioned by the owners themselves. You did an excellent job by sorting out this difficult scheme of relationships between the website owner and the tester. 

    You follow impeccable logic when writing paragraphs of this topic. I also reviewed the logic of actions of each of the three parties: the center or the mediator is the UserTesting website and the side pages: the owner of the website being tested and the tester itself. 

    Their roles are clear from your text and UserTesting videos.I do not raise technical issues, because I see the stage of “manual” coordination of interactions. I am afraid that the tester will tame to praise the website under test. 

    But we go further and see a quick transition to the coding of evaluation criteria and test automation. You opened a useful topic and let all parties try. Thank you, Mark. P.S. I will send your article to friends.

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