What Are The Benefits of Blogging? 5 Reasons to Consider…

Once the misconceptions tied to blogging are set aside and people realize they have to create content, it takes time, and it can be hard work, then blogging can be a dealbreaker for many entrepreneurs.  They wonder:


  • What are the benefits of blogging if it’s something else to market?
  • Why blog if it costs and share it’s something else to do?
  • Why invest so much time and effort upfront while seeing little to no return for awhile?


Trust me….I get it.  Blogging can seem like a total waste of time and money in the beginning especially if you have false misconceptions about how to make money blogging.


what are the benefits of bloggingMy Blogging Story


I started blogging in 2013, while I was in the military as a way to express my thoughts. For awhile generating an income didn’t matter.  I had an income already and I enjoyed writing. Making money from a blog wasn’t a thought until I wanted to separate the military to homeschool my son and help my husband with his construction startup.


When I really got serious about separating the military, I started to do lots of research about how to make money blogging.  I ran into SO MANY SCAMS and wasted so much time and money just to find the answers I needed. People tell you what you want to hear to get you to buy their courses.  They say things like:


  • This course will help you print money on demand from your blog
  • I’ll teach you everything you need to know to start making money from your blog tomorrow
  • This is how I started making a full time income overnight
  • and so many other false claims and lies


Since there’s so much noise, it’s hard to break thru it all.  After two years searching and several failed attempts, I came across two legit courses: Dare to Conquer and Wealthy Affiliate.  From there, I learned:


  • How to do SEO the RIGHT WAY
  • Realistic Expectations of a blog
  • I built connections with other people pursuing the same path
  • I celebrated wins with others
  • and, I learned the real benefits of blogging (even before it’s a “passive income” machine)


My Results as of Now


Blogging is one of my favorite ways to make money, but not for your typical reasons.  Even though I’ve put alot of time and effort into my blog, I can’t say:


  • I make majority of my income from blogging (paid ads, affiliate marketing, or generated from SEO traffic)
  • My blog isn’t on autopilot
  • and, my income would continue even if I stopped blogging


Instead, my highest income month (purely from SEO traffic) has been $400, most of my income comes from offering marketing services, and I acquire many clients from meeting face-to-face.  So, you might ask, “What are the benefits of blogging?”.  I’d love to answer…


what are the benefits of blogging1. Blogs Grow Authority, Influence, and Sales


In the beginning when you’ve first started your blog, it’s likely you’ll hear crickets.  No one will know you’re blogging. People won’t have a routine of checking your blog for new content, and it can be very quiet when you’re starting out.


Once you understand how a blog fits into your 7 small business systems, you’ll know the blog serves only as a component of your marketing plan.  It’s like a flyer in the offline world.


For example, when you go to the doctor’s office and their telling you about a new medication you should consider or a new immunization you’re required to get, you have alot of questions.  Typically, they give you a flyer to answer your questions and enable you to begin educating yourself.  Right?


Like the doctors office, business owners of all types are experts on a specific subject that others are usually not at informed about.  As a result, when you (the entrepreneur) advise a client or potential client, they may have many objections, questions, and concerns. The blog helps to navigate them thru the discovery process to make a definitive decision.


As they’re reading (or viewing) more of your content, the trust increases, and the inch closer and closer to a buying decision with you.  Building the authority, trust, and sales takes time, but it’s worth it to be committed even before the results are where you’d like.


It’s like exercise, you don’t see results overnight, but once you start seeing the definition in your body, increased health, and more energy, you know your hard work is paying off.


2. Blogs Serve as A Knowledge Portfolio


More than anything else, my blog has served as a vital component in my lead conversion system as a demonstration of my knowledge.  It’s one thing to say you know something, but it’s another thing to demonstrate that you know something.


A blog enables you to show your customers and potential customers that you know how to help them. They’re able to see the knowledge you have and decide whether they believe what you’re saying or not.


what are the benefits of blogging3. Blogs Can Help with Prospecting


When you optimize your blog content for social media or for SEO, then you’ve built magnets into your blog that drives traffic from different angles.  As a result of the optimization, you can get traffic from search engines and social media that doesn’t know you.


When you’re expanding your social circle beyond the people you know into new audiences, it opens the potential for business expansion.  In the offline world, you’d be scouring to identify people in your target audience, writing down names, phone numbers, and email addresses.  With outbound sales, you’d be going door-to-door, cold-calling, or doing cold email.  With blogging, you’re prospecting by writing on topics your target audience would want to read or research about.


With the increased use of the internet, there’s much more potential prospects that can come from online than can come from live networking IF you stick with it, commit, and keep creating helpful content.  Great sales professionals see the potential and growth of blogging which is why they cut back on live networking and increase their time spent on video marketing, writing blog posts, or engaging with prospects online.


4. Blogs Can Help with Efficiency


Blogs operate like a storefront that can be open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  People can stop by your blog, read an article, and even checkout (if the options are available)!  If you utilize all of the technology that’s built into a blog, you can cut back your time on unnecessary tasks.


5. Blogs Can Enable Location Freedom


With certain business models and systems in place, the blog can enable orders to continue coming in unlike what can be done offline.  As a result, you can go on vacation and still know customers are able to learn about your business and become patrons.


Final Words answering “What are the Benefits of Blogging?”


The goal of this article was to show you the benefits of blogging. In the beginning, it can seem like there’s no benefits of blogging if you don’t have clear expectations.  Treat your blog like a flyer in the beginning. Have potential customers visit for information, seek to understand their needs, and deliver answers to your audience’s problems.  If you have questions or concerns about this, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section.  I’d love to help you out!


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Now, it’s Your Turn…


Have you started a blog? What are the benefits you experience for starting a blog? Leave your comments below.

22 thoughts on “What Are The Benefits of Blogging? 5 Reasons to Consider…”

  1. I laughed when I read you said that the first time you’re blogging it’s like hearing crickets. 😉 This is very true and something I remember when I started three years ago.

    It was all a bit daunting, but thanks to some great training which kept is very simple for me, I didn’t get overwhelmed.

    I’m still working on the location freedom, but you’re right. When I succeed I will be able to travel and work from every internet connected place in the world!

  2. I think that this is a very true Tiffany. Most people even don’t know what is blogging and how it can be interesting but I think that it is important that you like what you do. 2 years ago I was hating writing and now, I am an SEO expert and I enjoy writing.

  3. I need to admit that your article is not just interested but also inspiring. You told us a part of your life story, connected to how you started blogging. Also, you described amazing benefits of writing blog, which can start just as hobby and later you can do something bigger from it.

    keep up the good work!

  4. julienne murekatete

    Thank you for this helpful post on the benefits of blogging.I am new in this field of blogging and I most of the time feel as if I am wasting my time because I use much energy in writing my content ,my time and even my money as internet here is very expensive.

    It is very helpful to read some people’s experience in the same field because I can get some moral lessons from them.

    After reading this post,I found that I can’t give up on my dream of being a great blogger and I will be successful.

    1. Glad I was able to encourage you Julienne. Think of it like playing sports. You’re in a competition. You have to play hard and win!

  5. Heidi Miller-Ford

    I think it’s great that you are honest in your article about how much you are making right now. I agree there are too many scams out there with the get rich quick mentality. Running a blog is hard work, lots of it! But it does pay off if you are willing to put in the effort and be persistent. It takes time to build a level of trust and for people to get to know you. That isn’t going to happen overnight.

    1. I completely agree Heidi! It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s like exercise…once you see results, it’s all worthwhile.

  6. I have heard that small businesses can benefit from having a blog on their site. I work in a professional firm and we are always busy so finding the time to update our website is impossible. Plus, we don’t even know what type of articles to write or how frequent we should publish them. Other businesses in my locality simply use a Facebook page updates which has snippets of short articles. Can Facebook activities be replaced with blogging instead? Thanks for your insight. 

    1. Great question Cathy! Facebook can serve as a traffic source for businesses, however, the growth potential is grossly different. Facebook doesn’t have sustainable traffic. Instead, you have to continue posting or pay for advertising to consistently generate traffic from Facebook. In contrast, once SEO rankings are earned, it can generate droves of traffic that is consistent and sustainable. 

  7. Hi Tiffany,

    thank you so much for sharing your experience!

    I think that blog is very important and the benefits you listed are a great exapmle of showing that blog is a ’must’ in a business you are running (whatever that may be).

    Of course, it takes time to build it and to show people you have the real knowledge, but they recognize when someone is dedicated, open for communication, has experience etc.

    I’m soon opening my site and blog and I’m very excited! :)I’m looking forward to share ideas and my knowledge to others, and of course to learn also and meet new people.

    Thank you for writing this article,I feel even more motivated now,

    Best wishes,Suzana

  8. Hi – thanks for sharing this informative article, and telling it how it is. Although I have been a freelance writer for years, I have never had the courage to start my own blog. It does feel as though nobody will be reading it to start with, as you said, which would be a bit disheartening. I guess I will just have to jump straight in with both feet. Thanks for your advice, all the best, Diane 

  9. I really enjoyed your previous article on how to make money blogging, this one is still more informative.

    Thank you for making it real and applicable. This piece sounds helpful and practical and you point people in the right direction. I’m hoping to begin my blogging journey again the right way. This is a site I’ll keep checking back for more guidance.

  10. Hey Tiffany, thanks for this information on blogging. 

    You’re right, there are a lot of misconceptions tied to blogging. But if we could just set them aside and look into what blogging really is all about, we might consider doing it full time as our main source of income.

    I currently have 2 blog sites on different niches and they are now over a year old. I did not originally intend to make money with them, I just wanted a platform to share the things I am passionate about with the hopes of connecting with people who share the same interests. And while I do enjoy blogging as a hobby, I have come across articles saying I can actually make money with blogging. And I was like, “Really? That’s great!”

    As you said, blogs can grow authority and influence and ultimately, sales. But how long does it take to build trust, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years? And how often should I publish relevant contents in order for search engines and potential customers to trust me enough to buy whatever I’m trying to sell?

    1. I did a post with statistics on how often to publish on a blog. You may want to check that out for data, however, realistically speaking, it’s going to vary quite a bit from person to person. Each of your prospects (those who come to your blog) will have different situations. Some ready to buy, some still doing research, and so on.

      Depending on what you’ re writing about, you could be attracting people very early in the discovery phase of what you’re selling or closer to the buying phase–that would make a big difference also.

      There’s no cut and paste answer about how quickly you build trust. Ask dating couples: some date for one month, some for 3, and some for years. It depends greatly.

      Building trust also depends on your skill level with understanding and empathizing with your target audience. Some people take a while to really be able to put themselves in their target audience’s shoes. 

      If you already have a strong work ethic, you have work-life balance intact, you’re skilled at understanding your target audience, you already know how to operate WordPress, you know how to sell, and you already know how to use your main traffic source, it’ll probably take about one to two years to build a full time income, and three years to build predictability.  If you have to learn any vital components, it may take longer.

  11. Thanks Tiffany, your blogging story is very encouraging to me, I went through similar experiences with various scams. But like you I found Wealthy Affiliate. I am gradually working my way through the boot camp. Your 5 benefits of blogging are very inspiring. I am encouraged to keep going in the blogging world. 

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