Review: Pros and Cons of their Virtual Mailing Address review

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When you’re in business, many places you go will ask you for your address and phone number.  Whether you’re:

  • Incorporating
  • Filing taxes
  • Creating a social media page
  • Submitting your website to rank in search engines
  • or, performing many other tasks

What if you don’t want to give them your home address or personal phone number, but you don’t have an office? What if you don’t want to pay monthly for a P.O box, or you don’t want the hassle of driving regularly to check it? What are your other options for getting your mail and giving a physical address?

Sasquatch Mail is one such option. In this Sasquatch Mail review, I plan to give you:

The backstory on Sasquatch Mail

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • Pros and cons
  • What it’s good for and what it’s not
  • How to get started
  • Pricing
  • and alternatives (in case you want to shop comparisons)

If you ever get antsy and you decide you want to give Sasquatch Mail a try, CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT BY CLICKING HERE.

What is An Overview

sasquatchmail review

How Does Work?

When you sign up for a plan with Sasquatch mail, they give you an address. When you fill out your business paperwork or give out your marketing materials, you add the Sasquatch address as your mailing address.  When mail is recieved to Sasquatch, they scan the items as soon as they recieve them, and it will be populated into your “digital mailbox”.

If you have packages or paper mail that you want sent to your physical location, you’d let Sasquatch know, and they will forward the mail to you.  Services include:

  • Mail forwarding
  • Mail scanning
  • A physical address
  • Destruction of unwanted physical mail
  • and phone service

Mail Forwarding

Sasquatch mail will forward packages when they recieve them, and physical mail when you request it.

Mail Scanning

Included in the forwarding packages is mail scanning. As long as an envelope has 20 sheets or less, it counts as one mailing. They say most envelopes contain 3 sheets ot less. Sasquatch doesn’t count junk mail into the number of mailings unless you say you want to keep junk mail, and you want it scanned.  All scanned mail stay accessible to you in your digital mailbox for the life of your subscription.

How Do I Get Started with

To get started with Sasquatch, you’d simply follow these 4 steps:

1. Pick a plan

Sasquatch mail offers plans where you exclusively forward and scan mail, or plans where you’d have the full virtual office package.

2. Create an Account

Once you decide which package works best for you, then you’d create an account with basic demographic information and billing info.

3. Get an Address

Once your account is created, SasquatchMail will give you an address.  They’ll also help you fill out the USPS forms to forward your mail from the current address.

4. Begin using your new business address!

When you fill out new paperwork, create marketing materials, or distribute your address, you’d give out the SasquatchMail address, and you’re mail will show up in your “digital mailbox”.

Who is For?

SasquatchMail is perfect for:

  • Those who travel
  • Those who want to see their mail from various locations (even while they’re away)
  • People who want a physical address to give out in professional settings
  • Those who work from locations but don’t want to give out their work location address to customers or vendors Tools & Training

Sasquatch mail offers information on their website to help you with mail forwarding, they give instructions on things like:

  • How to track packages
  • How to forward USPS mail
  • and, other scenarios like that Support

If you need help or you have questions, SasquatchMail has email and phone support.

What Does SasquatchMail Do Well

  • They offer a valuable service
  • They enable people to maintain their privacy
  • They give people who travel quick access to their mail from anywhere in the world
  • They offer a phone line, mailing address, and forward calls and mail from each
  • They offer good customer support

What Doesn’t SasquatchMail Do Well

Sasquatch does not store digital mail after subscriptions are over, so you’d want to download the mail you want to keep before cancelling membership

Businesses who recieve alot of paper mail may find Sasquatch to be costly since they charge per mailing Review Roundup

Most Helpful Positive SasquatchMail Review

Amy W. posted this review on Birdseye saying:

“I received my address right away. Now I am private. I love this services.”

Most Helpful Negative SasquatchMail Review

Sasquatch hasn’t recieved negative reviews at the time of this writing, however, if you’ve had a bad experience with them, you can leave your comments in the comments section below.

SasquatchMail Price

Virtual Office, Mail Forwarding, and Mail Scanning Price

The prices for SasquatchMail vary by the quantity of mail you’ll be recieving. The more mail, the higher the price, and phone services are an added price. Here’s the breakdown on the pricing… review

My Final Opinion of Sasquatch Mail

Overall, SasquatchMail is a rock-solid solution for people who want a physical address for privacy or because they travel. It’s more flexible and affordable than renting an office space (even a co-working space), and it’s more convenient than renting a PO box with USPS, UPS, or Fedex. If you’re interested in getting started with a virtual office, CREATE YOUR VIRTUAL OFFICE ACCOUNT HERE.

Top Alternatives

Traditional PO Box – a traditional PO box would be a mailing address locally, but it’s ot typically accepted as a physical address whereas Sasquatch mail would.

a Co-Working Space – a co-working space usually offers a space to work and a physical address. At times, you’ll also be able to have a receptionist who will collect your mail for you.

VERDICT: Recommend








User Friendly







  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Helps maintain privacy


  • May confuse people who want to physically stop by
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12 thoughts on “ Review: Pros and Cons of their Virtual Mailing Address”

  1. Hi Tiffany, 

    Great review. I really wish I knew about this a few months ago when I needed a business address. Sadly, I was forced to sign up for a P.O. Box as I didn’t want to use my home address. When my P.O. box expired, I am going to look into this as I think it sounds like a perfect option! I will definitely share this with friends that I know will need a business address. Thank you. 

    1. P.O. Box is the traditional route. It’s not a bad option either. Thanks for sharing this with your friends. Hopefully it can help them and add more convenience.

    2. Bily Rodriguez

      You are not missing my friend they scam me my first payment with a promise of a florida address and they gave an indiana one. This people suck.

      1. Tiffany Domena

        Wow! I’m sorry to hear your experience. Have you reached out to them to attempt to rectify the issue?

  2. This looks awesome! I just got set up with a PO Box, I wish I had seen this first. I didn’t realize there were other options. This looks so convenient and like a great way for a new business owner to get the address they need without the astronomical price of renting a space. I will keep this in mind for when my PO expires next year. Maybe by then I’ll be getting more mail, too, to make the scanning price worth it. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Holly! It is a very convenient option, but you want to make sure it’s the most useful option for you. Maybe next time. Best wishes in your business!

  3. For sure this can be the solution for people who are traveling alot or even those who are on holiday in.that all you mails will be deliver to your physical address or at home so after vacation you don’t have to bother  no body you just have to sit down  relax and go through all  your mails .

  4. I must confess that this is the first time I’ve heard about virtual mailing but with the information you have provided, I am having a rethink already. but you did not write about the prices attached to their service. Can we get that too.

    moreover, can one use saquatchmail in a large company business too? If true, what account type can one request for and how well does it work?

    1. Hello Olatoye. The prices are included in the article. They start at $29/mo. Business size doesn’t matter with Sasquatchmail, you’d decide on package based on how much mail you expect to receive.

  5. Hi Tiffany,

    Thank you for providing this review to explain exactly what Sasquatch Mail has to offer. 

    I had never heard of this service prior to finding your website. The first thing that I thought of while reading this page, is all of the people who are self-employed, particularly those who work from home, and do not want to give out their home address to everyone. I really feel that this company provides a safety service for small business owners. Good info to have.

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