My “Secret” for Getting On-Demand Feedback on My Website

how to get website feedback

If you’re here, it’s likely you have a website, and you’re concerned about how you can get feedback on it. You might ask family, friends, and loved ones, or you may even pay for the feedback, but you’re not getting enough feedback on your website to understand what’s going well and what’s not.

The most common reason for entrepreneurs to have a website is to meet more customers and get more sales. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs get wrapped up in their own websites: focusing more on design they think is “cute” or buttons they think look nice on the page.

It’s really important to get website feedback to ensure your website achieves the goals you’ve set, and you’re not only basing your design decisions on what YOU like. In this video, you’ll get my “secret” for how I get on-demand website feedback. Check it out:

To try the SiteFeedback platform for yourself, check it out here

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