LaunchSA: 7 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Have Something Like it

When entrepreneurs are starting in business, it’s a really vulnerable time.  You know you have an idea and you have a desire to start a business with it, but you don’t know what you don’t know, and people can easily take advantage of that.

There’s businesses that act as predators; trying to find your insecurities, and promising their offers will help you overcome them, and often times, these promises are in vain.  Programs like what’s offered at LaunchSA are a low financial risk (many are free), entrepreneurs from various growth stages gather, and experienced entrepreneurs come and teach on topics they’re good at.

Local accountants teach on business finance, local marketing firms teach on leading marketing techniques, and so on…

launchsaWhat is LaunchSA?

LaunchSA is known as a “fueling station” for idea creators and entrepreneurs.  They offer advice, expert-run workshops, and funding opportunities.  Some of their past workshops included:

  • A Sales Roundtable
  • Budgeting 101
  • Intellectual Property Roundtable
  • and others…

LaunchSA was built thru a partnership of the Liftfund (a business funding organization) and San Antonio Economic Development Department.  The classes are usually offered for free, but sometimes they’ve gone up to $30, so entrepreneurs from all economic backgrounds can join and get the information they need to grow their businesses.

Other organizations share the space inside LaunchSA including:

  • The Liftfund Women’s Business Center
  • San Antonio Coding Academy
  • City of San Antonio Department of Economic Development Small Business Liason

LaunchSA is located inside the San Antonio Central Library, so in addition to having a great suite of business advisory services, there’s also loads of information that can be found on the bookshelves including a full floor of business trends and market research!  The 4th floor of the San Antonio Central Library has market research information on various businesses to help entrepreneurs forecast based on local trends, have more insight when making their business plans, and base their decisions on facts rather than optimism.

It’s important for every entrepreneur to have a resource center like LaunchSA because…

1. You Can Minimize Instant Expert Syndrome

There are many great things about the internet, but the rise of instant experts isn’t one of them.  Many people are fraudulently claiming expertise on topics their too new to give wholesome advice on.  Since their offering the advice online, it can be harder to do the necessary investigations to see if they’re offering the help and support they claim.  With local service providers, it’s easier to investigate whether the person has the expertise they claim.

Added onto the internet “instant expert syndrome”, people are buying reviews and testimonials to make themselves appear credible online.  There’s so many people without integrity online, it makes it difficult to do business online.

In contrast, when you have a place like LaunchSA, you can take classes, get to know people, and get a feel for who has knowledge you may need thru live networking.

launchsa2. You can Pay Prices that are Reasonable in Your Local Market

Many consulting companies are charging tens of thousands of dollars for information.  Sometimes, it’s necessary to sift out people who aren’t in their target audience.  For example, if your target audience is people who are making more than $10 million annually, you may have to charge more as a way to create a gate that others can’t enter.

Alternatively, LaunchSA is not targeting entrepreneurs based on economic background.  They are funded by the local government and by partners, so many of their services are free or affordable regardless of economic background.

3. You can be taught by People who understand your local market

Sometimes, sales processes may work better in one area than another.  When you get advice from companies who aren’t local, it may not work as well for your local market.  LaunchSA gives you the opportunity to be taught by local entrepreneurs who understand your local market and their needs.

4. You can network across industries

When I’ve attended LaunchSA, there’s been Marketing Agencies (with various specialties), Architects, Real Estate Brokers, Restaurant owners, Boutique owners, General Contractors, Marriage Counselors, and so many other business industries.  When you attend LaunchSA or a business organization like it, you can network across industry verticals, leverage strengths, cross polinate, and even do complimentary joint ventures!

5. You learn relevant Skills

There are many skills required in entrepreneurship, and many of the skills need continual refreshing.  Things like budgeting, sales, marketing, getting ranked in the search engines, and leadership are requisites for business success that need to be taught and improved with time.  LaunchSA provides training and resources to help sharpen the necessary entrepreneurial skills.

launchsa6. You can cross-pollinate your social circle

Entrepreneurs can often be surrounded by people who don’t understand them, or they can be around people in their industries.  It can be helpful to network with people who are also entrepreneurs, learn from other industries, and expand their social circles.

7. You can establish yourself in your local market

Networking can help to get you familiar with others in your local area and it helps to get more people talking about the products and services you offer.  Once you begin serving people in your local market well, it begins the power of word of mouth marketing and creates advocacy for you and your brand.

Final Words on LaunchSA and Why Every Entrepreneur Should Have Something Like it

The goal of this article was to show you the power of having a local business resource center like LaunchSA and why every entrepreneur should have one. Depending on where you’re located, you may be able to find a similar organization thru, the Chamber of Commerce, SCORE, or thru your local Economic Development Department.  If you have questions or concerns about this, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section.  I’d love to help you out!

Now, it’s Your Turn…

Do you have an organization that provides business resources like LaunchSA in your area?  Where did you find it?  What do they offer?

8 thoughts on “LaunchSA: 7 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Have Something Like it”

  1. This article is brilliant.  You give new business owners and entrepreneurs information that they may otherwise not have know.  I understand the importance of knowing about business resources in your local community.  

    I loved the way you led up to joining an online web training service. You mentioned the free part which made it more appealing.

    1. Hi Patti!

      Thanks for the compliment on the article. Free is a magic word. Hahaha. In all reality, the internet marketing training is the best I’ve seen online, so I recommend it to everyone considering starting or growing a business.

  2. Hi! I had no idea of something like LaunchSA existed and that it was so affordable. They don’t exist where I am located right now but now I can find something that is similar to it. Do you know if they only operate in San Atonio? 

    Nowadays you can learn absolutely anything online, which is great, but you also find every kind of expert that is not really an expert and may not give you the best advice for your business… and many of them have the best intetions! It is great to know that there is a reliable place to look at.

    1. Hi Vivi!

      LaunchSA is in San Antonio, but there are business resource centers in other cities and states.  I think every entrepreneur should be a part of a local business resource center like LaunchSA, so they can get training, support, and local networking opportunities.

  3. wow I should look into something like this for myself. I had no idea all the benefits of having a program like LaunchSA could be. Is this for major cities only or are they pretty common everywhere?

    I would be interested in checking one out at least. I think networking is a great resource for any entrepreneur of any level. I have a online presence, but not so much in the real world. Something like this could help me in many ways!



    1. Hi Timm!

      I really agree. I had mostly been online, but I decided to do more live networking. Going to LaunchSA has been really encouraging to me. I’ve gotten to meet other entrepreneurs and learn from them. LaunchSA is a local San Antonio setup, but I’m sure there’s things like it in other areas. You should definitely look for options in your area.

  4. Tiffany, I looked at your website, and found it to be very interesting. You have some very interesting business topics, and I wish I had the time to take advantage of some of your offers. BTW, I didn’t list my website because I have no content in place yet. I see that you have WA listed as one of your business opportunities. I am a member of WA , and I have committed myself to learn everything they teach me. That means a lot of reading, and watching videos that will help me to succeed in putting my business idea into action. I have to admit that you have several subjects that interest me, and for that reason I am going to keep you in mind.

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