John Crestani – Super Affiliate System: User Reviews, Pricing, and Alternatives

is john crestani a scam

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If you’ve been on the fence wondering if John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System can help you achieve your goals, then you’re in the right place because I’ll be answering that here. The original review was posted 26 February prior to when I actually took the course and it was written unfavorably and I didn’t recommend the course because his sales tactics looked so similar to those of scammers. You can see the original review in the attached video.

In late August, I was given a review copy of the course, and went entirely thru it, so in this update, I’ll be sharing my views based on my experience taking the course. To summarize, the course is a six week course and I wasn’t impressed with the course until I passed week 4. I’ll explain more in the review…

If you spend any time on Youtube, it’s likely you may run across one of their prolific advertisers named John Crestani. He usually does videos that show his lavish lifestyle, throwing lots of cash around, and makes promises to teach you how to run a business that could afford you the same things. If you’re trying to figure out how to get your business to the next level, and you see a video like this, it’s likely, it might catch your attention, which is why I’m writing this review.

If you’re here, it’s likely that you’re wondering whether or not he can live up to the hype in his videos or on his website, right? In this review, I’ll be presenting facts as well as my opinion about whether this program could help you achieve goals like earning enough to live the lifestyle he presents, having passive income, or overall, more lifestyle freedom. My goal is to help you decide whether this could be a good fit for you. In this John Crestani Internet JetSet review, I’ll tell you:

  • What Internet Jetset and Super Affiliate System are
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

What is Internet Jetset (now rebranded to Super Affiliate System) by John Crestani? An Overview

John Crestani is an internet marketer who teaches his method of building his online business from scratch to $5 million/year. He advertises showing his lamborghini, his vacations, and other things he’s acquired, so he peaks alot of interest from those of us that have lofty goals and dreams.  He started in 2011 as an internet marketer trying to do a variety of things to make money online. After two years in the business, he made $100,000, then it kept going up like this…

  • 2014 – $500,000
  • 2015 – $1 million
  • 2016 – almost $5 million

He says he can now:

  • Do what he wants
  • Live where he wants
  • and, Live life on his own terms

What he says is a dream for majority of entrepreneurs especially when we know more than 80% of business fail! As a result, hearing a story like his makes alot of people want to buy without laying all of the facts out and deciding if this is a good opportunity subjectively–that’s why I wrote this review.  I want you to look at this opportunity subjectively and decide if this is a good fit for YOU.

is john crestani a scam

Besides…revenue does not equal profit or happiness, so be careful of following people simply because they show material possessions. I’m almost certain he does this to show his credibility, but who knows the real intention? Here’s an example of the compelling video ads that lead you to the landing page I showed you above:

How Does Internet Jetset by John Crestani Work?

John Crestani has three primary programs: Internet Jetset (a membership program), access to webinars, and the Super Affiliate System.

Internet JetSet Membership

The Internet Jetset Membership is a monthly subscription where you primarily learn free methods to acquire traffic online: Google SEO, Youtube Marketing, Facebook social media marketing, and so on. According to others who have bought the course and compared it against others, it’s valuable, but more of an entry-level course that you’d have to build upon. There are 12 modules where you learn things like:

  • The basic blueprint of affiliate marketing
  • How to sign up for affiliate programs
  • How to choose a niche
  • A rundown of how Google SEO works
  • The basics of how to get traffic thru Youtube video marketing
  • How to get traffic from Facebook
  • How to set up a WordPress website
  • The Basics of Copywriting
  • How to take advantage of other people’s launches
  • How to create authority review websites
  • How to run Facebook ads
  • and, how the Super Affiliate System works

JetSet Webinars

After you complete all of the training, the added value is in the weekly webinars by John where you get the CHANCE to have your questions answered.

Super Affiliate System

If you want to learn paid advertising methods for growing your affiliate marketing business, that’s where the Super Affiliate System comes in. In the Super Affiliate System, John teaches methods for driving website traffic using paid ads.

Additional Periodic Upsells

Added onto the core programs, John also has additional upsells: some from his own programs and some from affiliate offers he doesn’t explicitly mention. At one point, he was promoting MOBE before they were shut down by the FTC for fraud. Now, he promotes another program with questionable ethics called AWOL Academy. 

Who is Super Affiliate System by John Crestani For?

Internet JetSet by John Crestani is for:

  • Those who already know web design, website conversion optimization, and copywriting for their own ads
  • Those who want to master the affiliate marketing industry and understand various schools of thought inside
  • Those who have an ad budget
  • Those who have a supportive community (because there isn’t a lot of engagement in the membership community)
  • and for those who have an online business, but want to learn new techniques

Super Affiliate System by John Crestani Tools & Training

Internet JetSet by John Crestani is a training program. It contains approximately 50 hours or less of core curriculum plus ongoing live training.

Super Affiliate System by John Crestani Support

John Crestani offers support by phone, a help desk, an email inquiry, and in the membership forum.

What Does Super Affiliate System by John Crestani Do Well

  • He teaches a method that can work
  • He creates compelling ads
  • He shares a motivational story of how he started with nothing and now has amassed a multimillion-dollar business
  • He responds to reviewers concerns and tries to improve the platform
  • He teaches several business models for running a digital agency
  • He teaches 4 traffic generation methods: Google SEO, video marketing, paid Google ads, paid Facebook ads, and paid Youtube ads
  • His training on choosing keywords is very good
  • He has a great strategy for creating Youtube video ads and lots of experience testing it
  • He’s one of the few instructors who can say they’ve earned $20,000+ per day which gives him a great competitive advantage
  • He spends 6 figures+ per month in ads, so he tests his methods on large volumes
  • He offers his exact funnels and ad copy for students to be successful affiliates of his
  • He teaches methods of getting jobs in affiliate marketing and not simply running the business
  • There’s a community element
  • The user experience on the inside is very nice and easy to navigate
  • You get access to customer support by phone, email, and in the membership community
  • Over-the-shoulder technical training on Google ads, Facebook ads, and the setup of his duplicate system

What Doesn’t Super Affiliate System by John Crestani Do Well

  • He advertises jut like scammers do: with throwing money around and making exaggerated claims like “Quit your job”, “Drop out of school”, and uses terms like “Easy” and “quick”
  • Inside the membership area, he doesn’t maintain the aura of exaggeration. Instead he says things like “It took me 4 years to earn my first commission” and warns students of expecting results too fast or without investing sufficient effort
  • I originally thought it was a Ponzi scheme because you learn how to duplicate his system, but after you’ve set up the duplicate, he does add value in the areas I listed above
  • You don’t learn buyer psychology, website conversion optimization, or web design–these are key elements for being successful online
  • You don’t learn how to create your own brand
  • You don’t learn how to create your own website with your own branding. Instead, you’ll be creating a duplicate (with the exact images, colors, and everything) of his
  • You don’t learn how to write your own ads. Instead, you’ll be copy-pasting the ads Crestani has used.
  • Solo ads is the first traffic generation method you learn and many students inside the membership area aren’t having good results with it. You’ll see comments like “I spent $300 and got no sales” and others
  • He has promoted unethical programs inside of his membership platform – Customer reviews suggest he promoted MOBE inside of the member area before they were shut down by the FTC. Now, he promotes AWOL Academy who I’ve written a negative review on here.
  • He has high prices in comparison to others of higher value in the industry
  • He doesn’t have many success stories
  • He doesn’t have many high third-party reviews (from non-affiliates)
  • The community is within a forum in the membership area, but it’s not highly engaged
  • The branding of “Super Affiliate System” and “Internet Jetset” is confusing
  • You don’t learn email marketing or follow up methods
  • The budget you’ll need for tools and paid ads is unclear upfront
  • And, the sales tactics are very gimmicky

Super Affiliate System by John Crestani Review Roundup

My Video Review

John Crestani recently rebranded from Internet Jetset to Super Affiliate System. Check out my video review (with my original views on the program). I’ll probably be posting a video walkthru and demo soon, but you can see my views prior to taking the course here:

Third-Party Reviews

There are mixed third-party reviews. Since this program teaches affiliate marketing, there are many students who make a commission from promoting the program.

Typically, programs like this will have very biased reviews because they may have high commission %, they cost alot, and customers want to make their money back. Be careful to read the third-party reviews and make sure you see the program offers information or tools you need in your business.

Also check to see success stories or the reviewers are getting the results they claim. If you are only reading the reviews and can’t verify the claims of the reviewers, the reviews should be considered void (even mine!). Here’s an example of what Google looks like (as of this writing) when you type “John Crestani reviews”:

is john crestani a scam

Common Positive Feedback

  • Easy to follow training
  • Newbie-friendly
  • John is engaged in the training and webinars
  • The methods work if you take consistent action

Common Negative Feedback

  • The ads give the impression making money online is easy
  • He exaggerates and makes elusive claims – He’s known to make claims like “You can make money online within hours” and the like. He backs up the claims with methods, but the “quick money” methods aren’t sustainable
  • The training is expensive in comparison to others in the industry
  • The methods require many paid tools, and that information isn’t clearly forecasted to you upfront
  • The free methods take substantial time to begin generating income

Most Helpful Positive Super Affiliate System by John Crestani Review

“The fastest way to learn is by rubbing shoulders with those who are already successful. Well, John is a successful affiliate marketer. His system is designed to help you make your first commission within the shortest time. Don’t be surprised when you see testimonials from people saying they made commission in two hours. Crestani teaches REAL stuff.”

Tony Omary,

Most Helpful Negative Super Affiliate System by John Crestani Review

“John Crestani’s Internet Jetset and Super Affiliate System is definitely NOT a scam. They are both valuable training to help you get started with your affiliate marketing business.

And yes, of course it’s possible for you to make real money following John’s guidance.

However, I believe I’ve provided enough evidence for you to justify why I don’t recommend John’s products.

For example, John is not being 100% honest in his claims and there are A LOT of hidden fees which you definitely should consider before joining.

I’m sorry John!

This is what I have to do. I always investigate the products thoroughly before I write my reviews. I don’t just give my opinion but I offer evidence to justify them.

John is a good guy and definitely someone to follow. But sorry I have to say I do not recommend John Crestani’s Internet Jetset and Super Affiliate System.”

Jerry Huang, Smart Affiliate Success

Super Affiliate System by John Crestani Price

  • Internet Jetset: $47/mo with JetsetLIVE Webinars
  • XTreme Case Study Archives – $187
  • Super Affiliate System: $997

My Final Opinion of Super Affiliate System by John Crestani

Overall, I’m an avid supporter of life long learning. John Crestani has compiled a helpful course that offers valuable information many people want to know. I didn’t find many ethical complaints like billing issues or fraud.

The only ethical concerns I have are the hidden upsells, the previous promotion of unethical companies (even a scam the government had to shut down like MOBE where people lost millions of dollars!), and the gimmicky upfront sales funnel. I also didn’t like how you don’t learn how to create your own brand, your own web design, or your own ad copy. Instead, you’d walk away with duplicates of his system and with no real assets of your own (aside from the skills).

As a result of the connection with the unethical companies, the hidden upsells, the duplicate system, and the exaggerated claims, I wouldn’t recommend Internet Jetset by John Crestani for most people. I’d only recommend John Crestani’s program to those who have a strong community of supportive peers in the industry, and who had preliminary training somewhere else that teaches them more on search engine optimization (than what’s offered in John’s course), web design, copywriting, and conversion optimization.

I also wouldn’t recommend this for someone who doesn’t have a budget of $400 or more monthly to invest into paid ads. The methods he teaches are primarily using paid ads, and if you have a budget at or below $400, you wouldn’t have as much opportunities on the ad platforms. In fact, if your budget is below $400/mo, I’d recommend you focus on organic methods like search engine optimization or video marketing.

Overall, the course is a legitimate course that offers great information if you’re looking for a method to create captivating Youtube ads, insight from one of the most successful affiliate marketers who creates courses, and an inside look at a very successful affiliate marketing business.

Top Alternatives

If you’re still in the market for affiliate marketing courses, I’d recommend you take courses that:

  • Are upfront about their pricing
  • Don’t have lots of upsells
  • Don’t partner with scammers
  • Don’t make lots of exaggerated claims
  • Have an engaged community
  • Has lots of positive third-party reviews
  • Has great features in addition to training
  • Has lots of success stories
  • Includes 1-on-1 coaching
  • and lets you try for FREE!

My top recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate.

What’s Included in the Wealthy Affiliate Membership? Why it’s my #1 Recommendation

Here’s a breakdown of how Wealthy Affiliate compares with John Crestani’s programs:

Other Internet Marketing Training I Recommend

Verdict: Recommended (Only for those who already know web design, conversion optimization, and have a strong community of support). Otherwise, try my #1 recommendation instead.


Super Affiliate System by John Crestani






User Friendly







  • He teaches methods that work
  • He has some satisfied customers
  • He is a credible instructor whose achieved lots of success online


  • He has lots of upsells
  • He promotes high ticket offers to his customers (one was shut down by the US government as a scam)
  • He doesn't have lots of success stories
  • The prices are high in comparison with other program with more features in the industry
  • He makes lots of claims and exaggerates in his ads and sales materials
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14 thoughts on “John Crestani – Super Affiliate System: User Reviews, Pricing, and Alternatives”

  1. Sounds like John Crestani is making money by scamming others.  Thanks to this great review, I will definitely steer clear of this!  I see you promote Wealthy Affiliate.  I have been considering them for a while.  How long have you been with them, and how is it going for you?  I actually signed up several years back, but never gave it a try because at the time I had been scammed so many times.  They are still strong today, so much be great!

    1. I wouldn’t say John Crestani is scamming people, but I wouldn’t rank the program at the top of the industry either. To answer your questions about Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve been a member going on 2 years. I was a freelance marketer before joining, so I had background knowledge that people were paying me for. 

      WA has lots of members (1.4 million+) who are at various stages of success plus more content than I could possibly take in within two years. They also have an amazing cloud hosting platform, lots of success stories, no ethical complaints (Ive found) great support, they’ve been leading the industry for nearly 15 years, and the owners are continually improving the platform without upselling anything. 

      After having reviewed hundreds of programs and services in the industry, I haven’t found 1 that tops the value of WA, so I tell everyone that has interest in Internet Marketing or online business about it. You should definitely go back and check it out! 

      Sorry to hear about your experience with all of the scams. It’s a shame there are so many out there.

    2. Matt’s mom. For you to claim that John Crestani is making his money by scaming others is a harsh and nasty thing to claim about someone when you’re not giving any proof, facts or evidence of your claim. Maybe saying something you know would be a better idea!

  2. HI Tiffany, thank you so much for this review. My new Puppy, Lola, was up at 4 a.m., this morning. I signed up for John’s webinar via phone, but then I logged on to my PC and found your review. Thank you so much for it. I am 63, my position was eliminated on June 14th, 2018. I have not found a job, not at 63, anyways. I have started my own Training, Speaking, Teaching, Coaching Company, it is an LLC. It is a lot of work. I love the Speaking and Training part, but the work I have to put into is time consuming. I want to Travel, Speak, Teach, Train and Coach, that is my elevator speech. I am thinking of tapping into my ss, early, so I can get this business off the ground. I have been scammed so many times it is not funny. I am still collecting unemployment, while Free Lancing part time, Teaching Microsoft Office Classes. When I am not teaching, I am collecting the Unemployment. My wife works part-time and is retired. We are taking care of a new puppy, Lola. We are also trying to raise our granddaughter, who has to crazy parents. We are part of the Baby Boomers who are needing to protect our grand children from their crazy parents. Thank you so much for this review. My name is ‘Trainer Bob’, a.k.a., Bob Roman, I am from Bay View, WI, in Milwaukee. My goal is to learn how to Travel, using my Speaking, Teaching, Training and Coaching Business to Travel. My email is:

  3. I did John Crestani course and this is my take on it.
    He shows you how to sell online and how to set up ads on google and facebook.
    Everything he teaches is ligament. HOWEVER for a beginner you will fail.
    This course is only if you know WHAT to sell and how to MAKE an advertisement.
    The course shows you step by step how to advertise the course itself. It doesn’t show you
    how to find good items to sell or how to make advertisements for other items and facebook and google
    don’t allow you to sell the course you bought. Its called ‘multi level marketing’.
    Facebook is not going to even allow your ads to show and they will permanently close you account for selling.
    Google will allow it for a day or two and then shut your account (sometimes permanently and sometimes for a few days).

    I did his course for 4 weeks and then asked for a refund. Now I have a youtube channel where i play games online.
    I hope to make money off this one day when i get enough subscribers. [ron zell youtube]

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Ron. I really appreciate it. I’m sure others who stop by on the fence about the program would appreciate hearing your experience as well. Best wishes with your channel and overall business.

    2. Hi Ron,

      I don’t understand why Google and Facebook didn’t allow ads for the Super Affiliate course.
      You say it’s MLM, but that’s not true. It’s a plain and simple affiliate program, listed at Clickbank.
      So I don’t understand the standpoint of Google and Facebook.
      Did you do paid ads or did you post your link in FB groups?

  4. You are not prominently disclosing above the fold that you are paid to recommend wealthy affiliate, and that you benefit monetarily for negatively reviewing John while promoting wealthy affiliate. I wouldn’t be surprised if you get sued. No lawyer in their right mind would allow you to leave this post as-is. It’s clear you didn’t have this page reviewed by legal counsel. I’ve been sued for much less than what you are doing right now.

    1. Thanks for sharing your concern, however, some of the things you mentioned aren’t entirely true. I am an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate, but I am not paid to write a negative review. The outcome of the review is entirely the choice of the reviewer and Wealthy Affiliate does not direct that at all. Reviews are opinions. I’ve written positive reviews of internet marketing products here numerous times. I don’t get increased sales by writing bad reviews. I only write reviews based on my honest outlook of the program.

      Internet Jetset is nearly $5000 and has an affiliate program also, so I’d get paid more by writing a positive review and telling readers to buy the program, but that’s not what I’ve chosen to do. Wealthy Affiliate is $359/year with no upsells, so if I was writing the review solely for pay, then that would be a very bad decision.

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