Dan Lok Review: User reviews, Pros, Cons & Alternatives

is dan lok a scam artist

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If you’re looking for a thorough Dan Lok review, then you’re in the right place because I’ll be thoroughly sharing pros and cons about his products and services here.

If you’ve ever thought about selling high ticket products or services, and looked online for information on how to do it, it’s likely, you may have come across Dan Lok. He’s a massively successful entrepreneur with the cars, houses, private jets, and expensive mentors and peers to show for it.

He tells the story of how he grew up poor. His parents divorced when he was young and his dad (who was the primary income earner) left his mom to fin for herself while raising him.

It’s a very sad story starting out, but his life took a major turnaround when he learned copywriting skills and was able to charge high-ticket prices for his trade. Of course, as all entrepreneurs, he had bumps in the road, but now, he’s massively successful by material standards, and you’re probably wondering whether his success was earned ethically, or whether the advice he gives can teach you how to live a good life for yourself.

In this review, I’ll try to answer the questions you’re likely to have. If I miss any of your questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below, and I’ll do my best to answer you promptly. In this Dan Lok review, I will tell you:

  • Who He Is
  • How His Coaching Business works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

It might help you to note that I’m not an affiliate of Dan Lok or any of his products, so the views I’ve written here are not incentivized–they are entirely my own.

Who is Dan Lok? An Overview

Dan Lok is a serial entrepreneur who has products and services designed to help entrepreneurs who want to sell high-ticket products and services. He has coined the term for himself, “King of high-ticket Sales” because he has made lots of his fortune selling high priced copywriting services, high ticket coaching services, high ticket events, and other high priced things. He is very charismatic and engaging and uses choice language to grab attention and drive emotion.

is dan lok a scam

A major message he tries to bring across is the importance of owning your financial destiny. He advocates for financial confidence rather than financial independence, and the differences are quite stark.

Financial Confidence vs. Financial Independence

In his book FU Money, Dan Lok talks about his principles of financial wellness.


He shares his experience of compiling wealth sufficient that he was able to retire very young. He tried following the stereotypical model of retirement where you stop “working” and focus on “enjoying life”: going on vacation, relaxing, and doing what you want.

Acquiring Enjoyable Work

He found no fulfillment in the “retired lifestyle” that financial independence afforded him, and instead, he promotes financial confidence and the pursuit of work that you enjoy. He says if you enjoy the work you do, it doesn’t feel like work. Despite his ability to retire, he says his mission is to continue to provide value (especially to the community of entrepreneurs).

Honing Your Expertise and Achieving Mastery

Dan Lok promotes mastery rather than the “Jack of all Trades” model. He says the Jack of all trades doesn’t get paid what the on who pursues mastery does, so he recommends entrepreneurs to narrow their focus and “find a niche”. When you master a narrow niche, then people will pay top-dollar for your focused expertise. For example, the General Practitioner versus the Cardiology Doctor: the Cardio doctor gets paid more for his mastery on the focused subject.

Leveraged Income vs. Passive Income

Dan Lok has strong opinions about “passive income”. When you’re listening to him, you can see that he strongly feels, passive is the wrong word for it. Instead, he advocates for leveraged income. When you buy real estate, set up websites, or build an asset and expect it to become a money-machine that you never have to touch again, it sets you up for disappointment. Lok shows how you can set up assets to leverage your time, but they’ll always need some upkeep that means they won’t be completely passive.

Other Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Professional Development Tips

In addition to the common Dan Lok teachings I’ve mentioned above, there are several other things you can learn about Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Professional Development from Dan Lok.

How Does Dan Lok’s Coaching Work?

Dan Lok has several components to his business that can serve you from various walks in your entrepreneurial journey. For me personally, I’ve learned alot of his Youtube channel and his books. The goals of his programs are to help you implement the “Wealth Triangle” that looks like this:

is dan lok a scamImage Source: Dan Lok’s website

In order to help implement the Wealth Triangle, Dan Lok offers a Podcast and Coaching Programs that break down like this…

The Dan Lok Show Podcast and Youtube Channel

The Dan Lok Show Podcast and Youtube channel is hosted by Dan Lok and can be heard on Stitcher, Itunes, IHeartRadio, Spotify, and more. He has episodes where he talks about things like:

  • How to close high ticket offers
  • He does interviews
  • He talks about investing
  • and many more topics…

You can check out the Youtube channel here or check out the podcast here

The High Ticket Closer

High ticket closer is a private mentorship program where Dan Lok works with entrepreneurs who want to sell high ticket offers. The psychology behind high-ticket sales and normal sales is different because you have to understand a different target audience. In order to get into this program, you have to either book an appointment to speak with a previous student or watch his webinar. This program is not open to everyone and requires approval in Dan’s application process.

Tube Your Own Horn

Tube your own horn is Dan’s program for teaching you his methodology for Youtube success.

Dan on Demand

Dan on Demand is a free membership where you get two of Dan’s most popular programs and his book FU Money for free. You can also sign up for Dan on Demand pro where you get:

  • Live monthly training
  • Quickstart Guides
  • 90-Day Millionaire Mindset Challenge
  • Millionaire Book Club with a suggested book and a Book Summary
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group
  • 1-on-1 Coaching with a Past Student
  • Access to Future and Past Training

High Ticket Influencer

High-Ticket Influencer is Dan’s program designed to help entrepreneurs making $300,000 or more to get to 7-figures. The program opens periodically, but it’s a private mentorship program.

How Do I Get Started with Dan Lok?

To get started with Dan Lok, you can watch his Youtube channel, podcast, or join his free Dan on Demand membership. He has lots of content out there to help with changing your mindset, boosting your confidence, personal finance, and business strategy.

Who is Dan Lok For?

Dan Lok’s material is for:

  • Those who don’t mind cussing
  • Those who are okay with a no-nonsense attitude and very direct instruction – Dan is very authentic and doesn’t sugarcoat things
  • Startup up into Long-Time Entrepreneurs who want to achieve 7-figures or more
  • Those who want to learn from a very successful entrepreneur who has raving students to show for it

Dan Lok Support

Dan Lok’s support levels range based on which program you’re involved in. He is on Youtube and he podcasts, but the bulk of his support efforts are directed at his paying clients.

What Does Dan Lok Do Well

  • Dan Lok is very knowledgeable
  • He’s a credible instructor with lots of success to show for it
  • He has a free membership and gives alot of content away for free
  • He has programs suitable for most budgets
  • He has students who have been thru his program and help you decide if his higher ticket programs are a good fit before interacting with Dan or his sales team
  • He has a refund policy and you can cancel anytime
  • He has a referral program for previous student
  • He has a way of referring opportunities to alumni of the higher ticket programs

What Doesn’t Dan Lok Do Well

  • He cusses alot so if cussing offends you, you may not like Dan Lok
  • He doesn’t have any SaaS apps or business software you can leverage for efficiency included (like others in the industry do)

Dan Lok Review Roundup

Video Review

Common Positive Feedback

  • The methods he teaches work
  • I’ve been able to get more sales from his programs
  • I’ve been able to strategize better to grow my business
  • I listen to Dan Lok all the time
  • His books are “the real deal”

Common Negative Feedback

  • Some of the programs are really expensive
  • The methods require selling and some people find sales to be uncomfortable
  • Mastering a skill takes time
  • Dan Lok’s language is offensive

Most Helpful Positive Dan Lok Review

“Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer sales training is some of the best training course I’ve ever taken.

I’d pick it over Grant Cardone & Jordan Belfort’s sales training,


I just think his over emphasis on listening and doing the prospect do 80% of the talking, and making sure I don’t sell too mch and sound like a stereotypical salesperson has made me so much more effective on sales calls, where I see my prospects opening up more and sharing more about themselves to me.

Which makes each call so much more intimate, personal & interesting than previously, where it was all about me or how amazing the service was which gets old because you end up saying the same things over and over again.

It became much more interesting to ask questions and get to know each prospect on a deep level because that experience always changed from person to person.

If you’re serious about becoming a high ticket closer, I definitely recommend Dan Lok’s HTC course.”

Ippei Kanehara, High Ticket Closer Review

Most Helpful Negative Dan Lok Review

If you’re here searching for the truth, only listen to the people who have taken the course. That’ll save you a lot of time. The rest can only be assumptions.

I graduated Dan’s course in March.

It took me 6 months after graduating the program to land my first client. Since then I’ve quit my job as a personal trainer in Tallahassee that was barely paying me $500/month.

If you’re wondering how much money I’ve made, it’s a little over $1705 so far this month. It’s my first month closing real deals. I’ve heard the first month is the worst.

From March until now, I’ve been improving my skills and connecting with potential clients.

From what I’ve seen from the inside, this course works for a lot of people, but it also doesn’t for a lot of people.

To define ‘works’, I just mean the people I see making money.

Hell, some people don’t even post in the FB group because they’re too busy closing deals.

Others have quit.

What I’ve seen make the difference is the mindset of the person coming in. Are they Closed Minded? Victim mentality? Know it alls? Quitters? Blamers? Excuse Makers? From what I’ve seen, these people usually aren’t active in the group, and take weeks off practicing.

It’s no surprise this program(or any program) isn’t working for those people.

Some people make money during the 7 week training. Some fresh out of graduating. For some it takes a couple weeks, some a month, some 3 months. Me? 6 months. Some still haven’t made money. It depends on the opportunities around you, your mindset and how you use the skill creatively.

Jazz Coutenay left this review at SmartHumanBlogger

Dan Lok’s Prices

  • $10,000/hr for consulting
  • Dan on Demand – Premium $49/mo and $397/yr
  • Dan on Demand – Free Version

Some of the prices weren’t disclosed on the website, but are given later in the sales funnel.

My Final Opinion of Dan Lok

Overall, Dan Lok is an entrepreneur I really admire. He’s very upfront in telling you his prices, and doesn’t use underhanded techniques that other companies I’ve seen use to get high-ticket sales. I love how he uses proof to sell his programs and has previous students step in to help you decide if the program will work for you. The previous students seem very down to earth and describe the alumni as “family”, which is always good to see.

Dan has the Dan on Demand membership, his Youtube channel, and his podcast to cater to various budgets and schedules, but he does charge top dollar for one-on-one time and consulting sessions that can only be sold in small volumes.

I think if you’re interested in going into the realm of high-ticket sales, you definitely want to check out Dan Lok. His podcasts, Youtube channel, membership, and even his consulting could be an invaluable resource for you. The positive reviews were really impressive and the negative reviews were sparce (and mostly from people trying to take customers and promote other programs).

Top Alternatives

If you’re looking for other options for learning online business, how to sell, or how to market, I like to recommend programs that:

  • Operate ethically
  • Give you lots of training
  • Let you try before you buy (like Dan Lok does)
  • That have tight-knit communities to support you along the journey
  • and have lots of success stories from students

My #1 Recommended Program – Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that offers you training, web hosting, free websites, a website feedback platform, a website comments platform, a content writing platform, a community of 1.4 million+ entrepreneurs, a proven system that’s yielded many success stories, it’s compatible with Dan’s program (so you can do both and you don’t have to be exclusive to one or the other), and you can get started for free!

VERDICT: Is Dan Lok a Scam Artist? No.


Dan Lok Programs and Services






User Friendly







  • Credible instructors
  • Multiple program options to suit various budgets
  • Lots of great free content
  • a Tight Knit Community of Alumni
  • High customer satisfaction ratings


  • Some of the programs are high priced
  • He uses foul language which may be offensive
  • The methods he teaches take a strong work ethic and a lot of self-discipline (which may be difficult for some)
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26 thoughts on “Dan Lok Review: User reviews, Pros, Cons & Alternatives”

  1. It’s good to read yet another product review from you – Always objective, direct and free-of-fluff. I first learned of Dan Lok from an email I received some time ago and was invited to watch one of his videos and attend a webinar. I was really interested because selling high ticket offers has been one of my biggest challenges since I started learning about affiliate marketing. The Jack-of-all mentality has been one of my biggest undoing since I got online. I have learned youtube marketing, facebook advertising, CPA marketing all at once – and got better at none. Thanks for letting me know I can actually have access to Dan on Demand membership for free. I’ll love to have firsthand experience of what he has to offer by signing up. I might eventually sign up for one of his low cost courses if it meets my expectations.

    1. I’m glad the review was helpful for you. I had been following Dan’s materials for awhile and didn’t know about his free membership either. I haven’t been disappointed by any of the materials I’ve seen so far, and the student reviews look very promising. I’d love for you to come back and let me know how it goes!

  2. Hi Tiffany, I think I have come across the name Dan Lok before. From your review, his products and services seems great only that the price is a little bit on the high side especially for people who might be struggling to make it in the online world. Nevertheless, like you rightly said, those that wants to go into realm of high-ticket sales might be able to afford it as it has the potential of making them to be earning 7 figures. You did great with this review, as it has all the details a potential user will love to know.

    1. Hi Gracen! You must have missed the free Dan on Demand membership. I agree that previously, he only offered high-ticket products and services, but now, he seems to be widening his target audience and catering to people of a broader set of circumstances. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinions on this.

  3. I appreciate your review on Dan Lok. I must commend your effort in taking time to write and post this to bring the the knowledge of people to Dan Lok. As good as his programs are, the only problem I have is the price of 10000/hr he placed on consultation. In my opinion it is way too costly. Only the well to do can afford it and not the common man who may be interested.

    1. That’s intentional Olalekan. He doesn’t want to sell his one-on-one coaching to people at the wrong stage of business development. There are very few people who have achieved the level of success he has, but there is a high demand from people who want to, so price is a way separate supply and demand. I haven’t seen him as an arrogant person, but I think he’s stretched alot with demands on his time, and so he offers his services in a stair-step manner where startups (or those with lower budgets) would be in his group programs and after the revenue is thriving more, and you want to take it higher, then you’d go into his higher ticket programs. Some people try to sell high ticket programs to people who can’t afford it, but it seems that Dan puts price as a part of the process to weed out those who aren’t in the appropriate stage to benefit from the higher ticket offers. 

  4. I have to say that I don’t know if I should be impressed with this guy or If I should say that he is charging way too much. I mean $10000 an hour is just crazy. That is a lot of money and is definitely not meant for newbies just starting out online.

    From this review, it does seem that he is really full of himself but I guess that is because of the level of success he must have achieved. He has a lot of informations to give that I feel would be of huge benefit to people.

    He is good but I don’t think he is for me for now. At least I would go for his free informations as I feel I would still get good informations from them.

    1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. The courses are a high cost if you look at the upfront pricing, however, if you look at the returns, you might see things differently. I’ve personally bought high ticket coaching programs before, and I wouldn’t have any issue doing it again as long as the ROI is there. 

  5. Thank you for this review. I’ve watched a couple Dan Lok videos and I like his passion and directness and his willingness to share. I’m glad to see you didn’t find him to be a scam. With so many scammers out there it can be hard to weed out the good people. Not sure I’m interested in high-ticket sales or his program but I’m happy to learn from his free information.

  6. Thanks for This informative review, I really appreciate your selfless service on this review, it is highly motivational but I don’t seem to understand why They withhold their true intent by not revealing the cost of their product until you flow through a manipulative sales funnel, aside from this I’m cool with this product. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. Manipulation is when you force beliefs, actions, or opinions on another person using deceptive practices. I don’t see manipulation in the sales funnel. It’s very user-initiated (unlike other sales funnels that are manipulative). There’s no high-pressure tactics that I’ve seen, and there doesn’t seem to be many initiations from Dan Lok aside from responding to queries. Others usually do high-pressure follow-up calls, and initiate the sell much more, so I don’t think this is a case of manipulation at all.

      I think the pricing could be placed on the website, but it’s not always an issue of ethics when it’s not. He clearly places his high priced coaching prices very obviously and I hear him freely speak about price, but I wasn’t able to find the price for some of the programs. It doesn’t have to be a matter of negative intention though. I haven’t found reviewers who say they were cornered or aggressively upsold. You can often tell when it’s a matter of negative intention because they skate around price–that’s not what I’ve seen with Dan Lok.

      I could be wrong, so those who have purchased and stop by, please leave your experiences.

  7. Hi! Dan is an interesting person with lots of good results in business to back up what he is teaching. I really don’t like the offensive part of his speech. I understand it’s his way to show he’s into every word he says. And we usually repeat behaviors that have given us result. So I take it that a high percentage of people feel ok with him cussing so he keeps on doing it. 

    He has material for every budget and that’s good.

    In overall, thank you very much for your review. As everything, Dan’s programs have pros and cons. Each one of us can ponder in the balance. But you have done your job helping us take a well educated decision. 

  8. Hello Tiffany,It is the first time I read something about Dan Lok, so I still have to form my own opinion about his coaching reviewing the various materials that you recommend in your post.What I can tell you is that you aroused my interest with several statements such as “financial confidence” or “leveraged income.”I liked that kind of twists of traditional concepts, and I think it’s worth starting to get to know them by watching Lok’s videos on Youtube.

    1. Tiffany Domena

      I highly recommend his Youtube channel. It’ll definitely be worth your time if your interested in business strategy, sales, entrepreneurship, and business mindset.

  9. I don’t think Dan Lok is a scam artist, I’ve watched him many times on YouTube and he has some very good advice, I also like watching his martial arts videos as well. But I would never qualify for his High Ticket Closer program or afford to pay $10,000 per hour in coaching fees. If I had that kind of money I’d probably already be successful and wouldn’t need his coaching. The type of person he personally mentors are people who are already able to become super successful on their own without him. For people who are lost in life and don’t know what to do just check out his free YouTube videos.

    1. Tiffany Domena

      Thanks Son! You’re right, his Youtube channel is great. I think his Dan on Demand is also a good option.

  10. I continuously come across Dan Lok via Facebook Ads and if I’m being honest it got me interested in what he has to offer. The only problem is that his services are high priced so if I were to get scammed I would have wasted a lot of money. By what I read from this review, he really does sound like he can really help my business grow, but it’s way too costly for me. Thanks for this insightful review.

  11. You’ve exceeded my expectation for such a review! Thank you for your in-depth review of Dan Lok program. I have heard of Dan Lok but really didn’t know if his information was a scam, legit or what it was all about. You have saved so much time with your review. Now I see that it is really to teach me how to be a better salesperson which is not what I am looking for. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent alternative to earning an income without having to make sales pitches. What does the Dan Lok free version include?

    1. Tiffany Domena

      I went back to the website to make sure I accurately tell you what’s offered in the free membership, and there’s nothing there anymore. I’m quite sure it was there before, but now, there’s no reference to a Dan on Demand free membership. There is a wait list because as of today, the Dan on Demand membership ($1997) isn’t open for new students. Maybe, the previously free trial version converted to the wait list follow-up sequence? I’m not sure. Please refer to the Dan Lok website for more answers because it looks like they may be making some changes.

    EXPOSING Dan Lok & High Ticket Closer Course An Honest Review
    Dan Lok is a con man that feeds on peoples weaknesses, In an ever evolving economy he targets the weak and vunerable, people especially the youth that you should get a high income skill, before starting a business and doing any form of investment. Whilst this is true he pushes his course the high ticket closer skill as a way out.
    The fraud is not deliverance of the High income skill But the promise of work at the end of the course, of which unknowing undergraduates are told when you join the 25k inner circle you will start getting jobs leaving the 95% of students stunned and confused. What just happened?
    His marketing and sales calls with prospects YOU!! is crafted that it will have you believe that that you can change your life, and with effort earn 10k a month, whilst this is possible, it is Only when you have paid initial investment and pay the upsell of 25k to the inner circle of which you may get a job working for Dan Lok. The deception is in the incongruency, of which Dan Lok invites one into the HTC programme stating when you learn the Closing skill do not misuse it for negative purposes, Yet Sifu Dan Lok Promises all htc undergraduates a job, with no intention of giving them one, as they must upgrade into the $25k inner circle. Thus instanteaneously, wipes out 95%of the people that took the course.
    Having connected with several inner circle members over 70% of them leave because jobs offered are too few. He talks about abundance and has 25k self investment of which he has people on a leash waiting for work whilst demanding they bring in influencers.
    Many people pay the very last of thier income for this course resulting in rent arreas additional debt to employers and family. People quitting university to get on the course. because they believe they are on a life changing mission. The shit hits the fan when all on the course are hit with the upsell in class six, discord the portal for roleplay practice is empty like a graveyard SILENCE no one is any longer on, what there is no job? 25K for innercircle?
    THINK! If Dan Lok let you down in the first instant with a clear non offer of a job why pay another 25k on another promise of a job. Blinded by the promise and course content people find the money and pay. Only to find…..
    Dan Lok describes Closers in Black as a Religion, Again another upsell attatched to his Mindset video, which he says listen to everyday and at the end of video says He hope to meet one oneday at closers in black.(repetition) of which if you listen to everyday is constantly upselling closers in black. This is a cult targeted with slick marketing to the youth, He says one should call him Sifu..the Master in Chinese, and after the course demands a testimonials from everyone in exchange for a HTC tshirt, all testimonials are demanded from ex htc students before issue of graduation certificate.
    The ones that give positive testimonials are the 25k inner circle members who may have had work, note they never say how many jobs, and they in turn ar selling YOU the HTC course, with link under video. You cannot become an affilliate of HTC unless you join the innercircle at 25K That is 25k for an affilliate link. people do not expose Dan Lok as a fraud because they are afraid of litigation. The 7 week course is a pre-recorded course of which he appears live once. To ANYONE wanting to do this course I STRONGLY advise you NO!!!! a total waste of your MONEY.
    I will see when all the scarred ex students come forward and talk and inform everyone and expose this Fake greedy man, EXPOSE THE TRUTH even if you do not tell your story about it.
    Inform me is this a LIE!!! NO…
    Dan Lok who instills a scarcity mindset of you can only earn 10k a month through him, whilst preaching Freedom!!! Freedom!!!! Freedom!!! Everything about HTC is a secret, you are not allowed to have opinions, or want to work independently, one is given a list of over 45 people, mostly ex students who went to work independently with thier HTC skill and they are on the bad apple list and you as a graduate are not allowed to work with these people. You will be banned from HTC for life.
    As an ex Graduate I will never recommend this man or his course. The loss of investment is heartbreaking, yet does not compare to the shame of being right in the same position that you were prior to taking the course, having sacrificed your investment on a promise for an income of which could change your family’s life. Its hard not to beat be self up post Dan Lok Scam, Remember you were dressed for buisness, on each class and role play. Your mind was programmed for success. This is the past and now that the truth is out it will save thousands of others considering wasting thier time and monies on this course.
    Through out the duration of the course Desmond Soon constantly reminds people that if they talk bad of Sifu Dan Lok they have legal teams that will come after you.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sorry you feel that you spent all of your money and didn’t get back what you expected. Hopefully, others can validate what they’re getting when they pay for the course more thoroughly as a result of your warning.

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