Is Billy Gene is Marketing a Scam? User Reviews, Pricing, and Alternatives

is billy gene is marketing a scam

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If you’ve ever asked “Is Billy Gene is Marketing a Scam?”, you’re in the right place because I’ll be answering that here.

For those of us who spend time on Youtube, there are a few aggressive advertisers you’re likely to see, and one is Billy Gene is Marketing. He does some very comical, no-nonsense ads where he mixes marketing education, motivation, and he tells a little about his background in a very compelling way.

He’s quite effective at getting attention, but just because you like his background story, he’s created a compelling ad, or he has nice material possessions doesn’t make him a good marketing instructor for you though, right? In fact, the ad doesn’t prove that Billy Gene isn’t a scam, which is why you’re probably here.

In this review, I’ll be explaining everything you’d need to know to decide if Billy Gene is Marketing is a scam or not. I’ll also be helping you to decide if his program is a good fit for you. I’ll tell you:

  • What Billy Gene is Marketing is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

What is Billy Gene is Marketing? An Overview

is billy gene is marketing a scam
Billy Gene is Marketing is a marketing education company that teaches skills “you don’t learn in school”.  In his ads, Billy tells the story of how he transformed his life from living in his girlfriend and parents’ house to buying a Bentley and now managing a marketing agency that generates millions of dollars in sales.

The story is very motivating especially for those of us that have big goals that we’re looking to achieve. His story can definitely help out on those days where your mindset gets in a rut. Sometimes, it’s nice to think that if someone else could overcome the intense challenge they did, then you can achieve your goals too.

Added to a very motivating transformation, Billy Gene shows the skills he’s acquired on his Youtube channel, in interviews, and in his courses. Now, in addition to running his marketing agency and helping local business owners, he’s started Billy Gene is Marketing Inc. where he teaches marketers and entrepreneurs how to market and sell.  Some methodologies that set Billy Gene apart are:

  • His no-nonsense approach – He’s not very formal and does many of his videos in real-time impromptu
  • He’s entertaining – He ads humor, excitement, emotion, and plays on human psychology in a positive and ethical way
  • He demonstrates a proof before transaction method of selling – When he’s acquiring new marketing clients, he demonstrates to them that they’ll get more business by working with him, then asks for their business afterwards
  • and, he stands for showing not telling – He believes in educational marketing rather than other manipulative methods

How Does Billy Gene is Marketing Work?

The Gene Pool Membership

The primary service sold on Billy Gene is Marketing is access to a membership site. Included in the membership program is:

  • Live weekly training with Billy Gene with Q&A – He teaches one new skill to help you with digital marketing and entrepreneurship
  • Access to previously recorded training
  • Monthly insight from millionaire entrepreneurs on the skill of the month
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook group

The Geneius Entrepreneurs

Some of the previous entrepreneurs who you learn from in the Gene Pool include Kevin Harrington, Grant Cardone, Daymond John, Lewis Howes, Neil Patel, John Lee Dumas, and others…

is billy gene is marketing a scamSkill of the Month

Now, the skill of the month has been going on for more than two years, so there’s recorded content you can view on skills including:

  • Persuasive writing
  • Video content fundamentals
  • Effective selling
  • Facebook advertising
  • Automation
  • Live Streaming
  • Prospecting
  • Membership Sites
  • and more…

There are many more topics you can learn in the membership area, and content is continually being created to help you develop even further.

If you want to learn more about one leading method for running a digital marketing agency similar to what Billy Gene does, you can check out my article, “How to do Rank and Rent SEO (without Paying Thousands of Dollars on Courses)” here, or check out my video where I demonstrate how to get started with this method here:

How Do I Get Started with Billy Gene is Marketing?

Getting started with Billy Gene is Marketing takes less than 10 minutes with these 3 steps:

1. Visit Billy Gene is Marketing’s Website

2. Click “Become a Gene Pool Member”

3. Create your Gene Pool Account by entering your personal details and payment arrangements

Who is Billy Gene is Marketing For?

  • People who want to improve their internet marketing strategies
  • Self-disciplined people who will take action on what’s being taught
  • Those with more 5 hours or more per week to participate in the courses and apply what they teach
  • Those with a budget of more than $200 per month for marketing professional development
  • Those who will have money (after paying for membership) to buy ads, test ads, and buy the necessary software

Billy Gene is Marketing Tools & Training

Billy Gene is Marketing is a training platform so it’s approximately 50 hours or more of training in the membership area, and the content is growing. Added to the video content, there’s written content, a blog, a Youtube channel, and interviews you can learn from.

What Does Billy Gene is Marketing do Well

  • They create compelling video
  • They create informative ads
  • They tell Billy Gene’s rags to riches story
  • They have some satisfied customers

What Doesn’t the Billy Gene is Marketing Do Well

  • Customer reviews suggest some customers would like more actionable tips in the Gene Pool content. Customer complaints seemed as if they were dissatisfied because the content was more of entertainment rather than applicable advice for entrepreneurs
  • Facebook groups aren’t the most effective way to create an engaged group online, so the group engagement isn’t as tight-knit as what it could be
  • They don’t respond to negative reviews or seem to recitfy customer concerns
  • They don’t give refunds
  • Customer reviews suggest it’s difficult to stop billing when you want to cancel the membership

Billy Gene is Marketing Review Roundup

Video Reviews

In this video playlist, I’ve compiled video reviews by third parties and those that were recorded by Billy Gene and his team. Take a look!

Third Party Reviews

Several third-party review sites tell us what customers are saying about Billy’s services. As of this writing, the third party reviews break down as follows:

Facebook – 4.8 stars out of 33 votes

Yelp – 3.5 stars out of 34 reviews

is billy gene is marketing a scamBBB – F rating from the BBB, 4-star customer rating, and 3 complaints

is billy gene is marketing a scam

Common Positive Feedback

  • Billy Gene drills into compelling advertising principles
  • The ads he creates are really compelling and attractive
  • Billy Gene is very straightforward
  • His team has gotten great results for several local businesses
  • They are action-takers
  • His office in San Diego, California is very nice

Billy Gene is Marketing Complaints

  • Lots of fluff in the membership content
  • Too expensive for the amount of content you get
  • Difficult to cancel the membership
  • Wouldn’t give a refund

Most Helpful Positive Billy Gene is Marketing Review


“Billy Gene is Marketing is the truth. I have gone through all of the programs myself. The school of geneius is the best program for learning digital marketing out there.
I have a bachelors degree in marketing I spent $55K on. For less than a 10th of that price you can get the school of geneius and get 10x the value my university degree gave me.
Although I loved college and the inter-personal development the actual marketing content was not that great.
This course and community has been a game changer for me and introduced me to power players I never could have met.
The team that Billy Gene has is incredible too. They are very responsive and they have helped me along the way. David specifically is one of their agents and he has been a rockstar at making sure I was good. Thank you for all the help you’ve done for and myself.
Seriously! Like for real. Not on no BS, but for real for real, get the Billy course and join this community. You missing out if you don’t. Just wait and see. The hands on learning is GAME CHANGING!!!!!!! Not some crap theory about a marketing campaign with Microsoft on 1998. This is real world, todays times, updated as these social platforms make changes, real deal Holyfield marketing tips!”

Anthony A., Yelp Reviewer

Most Helpful Negative Billy Gene is Marketing Review


“His Instagram ads were very convincing. He obviously knows a little bit about how to sell and target people. So I signed up for the gene pool.
His courses are weak. For every hour of him talking you get 5 minutes of solid information, but nothing you couldn’t also find for free online with 60 seconds of googling. The rest is him going off on pointless tangents, making bad jokes or playing around with cheesy visual effects. Some of the courses don’t have good audio or haven’t been updated in years.
I think that the courses and online curriculum might be intentionally convoluted, in order to persuade people to sign up for the $5000 training program. I did a call with one of his people about this $5000 program. The pretext was to see “if you are a good fit for the program”. At no point did he attempt to figure out if I’m a good fit. It was aggressive sales tactics and fake friendliness from the first minute. Reminded me of a used car salesman.

It makes sense when you think about it. Billy is a hustler: He tells this story about how he had a number of businesses that failed, was homeless for a while, until he eventually figured out the paid ads game. I do believe that he has knowledge in that respect and is hardworking. But there’s no money to be made in teaching people to be competitors of his, so he has no incentive to give you the real knowledge of how he came up.
However, there’s a lot of money to be made in sharing a tiny bit of knowledge to a group of passive suckers who won’t take action anyway. He’s not giving the real knowledge here. The Facebook group is useless. This is a straight up scam program and it reminds me a lot of Anthony Morrison in a sense that Billy is this likable face that seems authentic but is selling you complete trash.”

Robert B., Yelp Reviewer

Billy Gene is Marketing Price

Billy Gene is Marketing charges $197/mo for the Gene Pool, however, there are additional services they upsell that aren’t included on the website. Based on customer reviews, there’s a $5000 course and possibly VIP access options.

is billy gene is marketing a scam

My Final Opinion of Billy Gene is Marketing

Overall, Billy Gene is Marketing is not a scam. I really like the direction they’re going and I wish I could say more positive things, but the customer reviews have spoken and customer satisfaction is #1. They offer a viable service and seem to have good intentions to teach marketing skills. Unfortunately, many customers are experiencing problems with their billing and having trouble forfeiting their memberships, so be careful of that.

Added to the billing issues, they have a no refund policy where they don’t refund you for money regardless, so customers who claimed to cancel their membership have written very upset customer complaints. Some customers have said they even lost more than $700 from being billed after trying to cancel! Customers can be wrong, competitors can write false complaints, but at least, Billy Gene is Marketing could respond–that’s what makes them look bad here.

I don’t recommend companies with billing issues unless they respond to the customers, try to rectify the issue, and take responsibility for their errors. In the case with Billy Gene is Marketing, the customer complaints have no responses, so the customers feel injustice, and rightfully so. As a result, I won’t say they’re a scam company, but I don’t recommend Billy Gene is Marketing.

Maybe they’ll improve the billing practices and begin responding to their disgruntled customers? We’ll see.

Top Alternatives

If you’re looking for a company that:

  • Is completely ethical
  • Has amazing customer support
  • Lets you control your own billing
  • Has a refund policy and sticks to it
  • Offers outstanding marketing training
  • Has much more content (literally thousands of hours and growing) in the membership area
  • Has hundreds (or maybe thousands of success stories)
  • That includes 1-on-1 coaching in the membership
  • Has a lifetime free membership and premium membership option
  • Has many more features in addition to marketing training
  • and has no mystery upsells

You should check out Wealthy Affiliate, my #1 Top Recommendation. What’s included in Wealthy Affiliate Membership?

Here are some differences between Wealthy Affiliate and Billy Gene is Marketing:

Other Marketing Training Courses I Recommend

Other training courses don’t offer as much as Wealthy Affiliate, however, these are some other options you can take a look at. Click the links below to see my full review.

Verdict: Is Billy Gene is Marketing a Scam? No. It’s Legit, but try My #1 Recommendation 1st.


Billy Gene is Marketing






User Friendly







  • Very compelling ads
  • Great ad philosophies
  • Highly credible instructor
  • Great instructional content
  • Some people like his "blunt", no-nonsense approach


  • Customer reviews suggest members are not satisfied with the amount of content available
  • Customers are complaining about not being able to cancel their memberships and continually being billed
  • They have a no refund policy
  • It's pricey (for most) in comparison to alternatives in the industry
  • Some people are offended by his use of language
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16 thoughts on “Is Billy Gene is Marketing a Scam? User Reviews, Pricing, and Alternatives”

  1. Hello Tiffany and thank you for this great article. I’ve heard about this program before or actually not heard but I’ve watched the ad with this guy. I was never interested enough to click on link and check the website but today I decided to do so. Before taking any kind of action I wanted to see some reviews of the website and what was offered there.

    Yes definitely not something I would like to be a part off. Whenever there are issues with refunding the customer I am skeptical. I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is much more ethical than Billy Gene.

    Highly appreciate the effort.


  2. Tiffany-

    This is a great post with comprehensive information about Billy Gene. As a Wealthy Affiliate user, I can add my voice to yours and say that it is a great program that is relatively inexpensive. It seems like Billy Gene’s program is the opposite, and provides little value. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience! Billy Gene is providing lots of value online, but I guess the membership program isn’t where the main focus has been? It’s new so it will probably evolve. Wealthy Affiliate is my top recommendation though.

  3. Wealthy Life Healthy Life

    Thank you for the in-depth analysis of the entire Billy Gene is Marketing program.  You have helped me make a decision about the program.  I looked at some of your other reviews and they are very informative as well.  If you are looking to do more reviews, I haven’t seen any legitimate reviews of John Crestani’s product IMJETSET  That would be one to look at.


  4. Hi Tiffany, I am glad I read your post on Tripwire, I am new to Internet Marketing and often wondered about bots. Are they a nuisance or not? I had trouble thinking of myself as an entrepreneur. So, it was great reading about your story.  It sent a lot of hope to me. Thanks for that.   I’m curious what you have discovered about what are the personal characteristics of a good entrepreneur.   Thanks for your time and wisdom.

    1. AI is definitely growing interest because it can be helpful with automation when done right. I’m glad my story was inspirational for you–that’s my #1 motive is to encourage others. To answer your question about the personal characteristics of a good entrepreneur, I’d say #1 is a service before self attitude, #2 is the desire to solve problems for others, #3 the ability to connect with others, #4 the ability to explain to others how your solution can help them. Best wishes in your business Ed!

  5. In my opinion I will say Billy Gene marketing is a great way to improve my business as it comes with so many strategies, but the only issue I have with this marketing strategy is that the company doesn’t offer a refund should in case a beginner doesn’t understand how it works which is going to be a complete waste of money.

  6. Your review could not have been done any better. However, it’s not much different from WealthyAffiliate. The only difference is they are not too bold with their promises. Moreover, there are no free membership like BG Marketing.
    If you go to the WA website, you see it written everywhere that it’s free and no credit card required. But after signing up, you’re required to upgrade because everything you click on is for premium members. There are no free stuff! Another legit but DECIET!!
    prove me wrong by providing a link to a free content on Wealth Affiliate website!

    1. Tiffany Domena

      Hello Aperge! Thanks for stopping by, leaving your comment, and sharing your experience. First, I want to start by saying, I mentioned facts and my opinions here. It doesn’t sound like you’re questioning the facts, so I’m guessing you’re concern is about my opinion that Wealthy Affiliate is a better option. Neither site is 100% free, and neither of them say that, so that shouldn’t be expected. However, Wealthy Affiliate does offer things you can try out for free, and I’ve coupled my services inside of the free offer, so I can guarantee you get a lot for free.

      Every free member that goes to Wealthy Affiliate is greeted by me as soon as possible. If they have any questions, I personally answer them free for the first 7 days of their free membership (without their credit card being given). There’s no link needed to prove that.

      I personally don’t understand the deceit that you speak of. There is no “requirement” to upgrade from free to paid. Your free membership is never cut off, and the only thing that encourages you to upgrade is a countdown ribbon. On the Wealthy Affiliate website, below where you enter your email address, it says this, “Try Wealthy Affiliate Free, No Risk, and No Credit Card Required”. In other words, they give you the opportunity to TRY components of the platform 100% for free without asking you for anything accept your email address. You get free message-based coaching (from me) for 7 days, you get 2 websites on a subdomain so you can try the website builder and try the strategies they teach (if you want to), you get 10 training lessons that teach you technical skills (that others charge for), and you can network with their highly engaged community of more than 1.4 million members. You’re getting all that without paying anything or even exchanging billing information. Now, after the first 7 days, you lose the communication capabilities, but at that point, you should have been able to try, and decide if it’s valuable enough to your business to take it serious and commit. The premium membership costs you $19 for the first month.

      I won’t be providing links to anything for free here because it’s free, so it doesn’t hurt to take a look yourself. I’ve done a thorough 1 hour+ demo of the inside of the platform you can take a look at, but it really shouldn’t matter how much you get for free if you’re serious about building a business. A business costs, so at some point, you have to spend money, commit, and take the whole thing seriously. I believe Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start–that’s my opinion.

      Thanks for sharing your concerns here. Hopefully, my reply helps you make a decision that’ll catapult your business forward.

  7. I am tired of reading all these articles and websites claiming that every internet marketing program is a scam – everyone that is except Wealthy Affiliates. Then you get other members of Wealthy Affiliates to agree in the comments.

    1. Maybe you missed it, but I said, “Overall, Billy Gene is Marketing is not a scam.” I gathered together the pros and cons of the program based on customer reviews. This wasn’t an effort to call any program a scam, however, I also have to be honest if there are good and bad reviews out there, and what they say. Sorry you feel that way.

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