Flywheel Hosting Review: Is this the Right Hosting Company for You?

flywheel hosting review

If you’re looking for a thorough Flywheel review, you’re in the right place.

In 2012, a group of 3 web developers named Dusty, Tony, and Rick decided to create the hosting platform they wished was already on the market. They had been doing client work, building websites, and found that managing their hosting relationships was a pain in the rear!

They needed to:

  • Build websites in high volume
  • Manage updates
  • Coordinate billing
  • and, Provide technical support

As a growing agency that was focused on building websites, they felt like the demands of managing the hosting relationships were too time-consuming. They could see the time they were spending navigating hosting issues was time they could be using to serve more clients–it was taking away from their bottom line. Unfortunately, they believed there was no ideal solution on the market until they created Flywheel.

Now, it”s been 7+ years since they launched their solution as a service to others, and in this review, we’ll be analyzing whether it’s a viable option for you. In this Flywheel review, I will give you:

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

What is Flywheel? An Overview

flywheel hosting review

Flywheel is one of the “new kids on the block” in the web hosting world. They were started in 2012, while many of the big players in the industry (like Hostgator, Bluehost, InMotion, or A2 Hosting) started in the early 2000s.

As a web host, they provide a platform with digital storage of files on servers that can present the content to website visitors on-demand–this is standard hosting. What makes Flywheel stick out as a web hosting provider is their website interface, their reseller billing, and their collaboration features.

Flywheel makes it easy for agencies to transfer billing to their clients, to add collaborators onto a site (without providing separate password data), and white label site access and billing, so you don’t need separate software to manage recurring hosting payments.

flywheel hosting review

The founders were in the field as web developers, so they tried to build in features that would make Flywheel easy to use for agencies. Now, backed by several seeds of funding, investors, hundreds of employees, and tens of thousands of customers, Flywheel has proven to offer a solution that’s valuable to the market.

If you decide at any point you want to skip the remainder of the review and TRY FLYWHEEL OUT FOR YOURSELF, you can CLICK HERE TO CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT.

How Does Flywheel Work?

Flywheel hosts WordPress websites in the cloud. They offer the backend support, so you can focus your attention on the front-end development. Let’s use an example to explain…

Let’s say you’re a web designer. You have your own site and you have 10 clients sites that you need to design and manage. You could create a flywheel account and have all of the sites migrated for free. Once the sites are set up on the Flywheel interface, you won’t have to worry about WordPress updates because Flywheel would take care of that.

You could set up a staging site, or a cloned site for making edits that aren’t live to the public. When you want to have help to upload images or collaborate on web design, you can simply add a collaborator onto one specific site. You don’t have to worry about security breaches that result from someone seeing website details they shouldn’t have.

You can set up a white label client account, so clients can log in and see information like their billing dates, they can change their billing details, and so on. When your clients log on, they’ll see your logo and business name, so they’ll never know your reselling Flywheel hosting. They’ll just know you are punctual with disseminating invoices and you have a very nice looking interface, which is what you’d want, right?

How Do I Get Started with Flywheel?

Getting started with Flywheel is free. You can CREATE A FLYWHEEL ACCOUNT and browse the user interface. You’ll get to see how easy it is to navigate simply by browsing, however, in order to get the benefits of Flywheel hosting, you’d have to either migrate a website or create a new website.

Who is Flywheel For?

Flywheel is more expensive than others for individual accounts with less features, so I wouldn’t recommend it to most small business owners. Most of the time, small business owners need internet marketing training, support, and a community, so I recommend Wealthy Affiliate because they provide high-quality hosting alongside the other features for lower pricing than Flywheel. However, If you primarily design webites, and dealing with the C-Panel or billing is a headache for you, then Flywheel might be something for you to consider.

Flywheel Tools & Training

  • Flywheel offers video demos
  • They have a design blog called “Layout”
  • They have an eBook library
  • and a 14-day free email course on WordPress design

Flywheel Support

Flywheel offers 24/7 chat and ticket support.

What Does Flywheel Do Well

  • Flywheel has white label features
  • They offer client billing
  • They make it easy to collaborate
  • They provide high uptime and fast server response times
  • They clean malware free of cost (included in their plans)

What Doesn’t Flywheel Do Well

  • Flywheel is one of the more expensive hosting solutions on the market
  • They don’t use C-Panel, so people who prefer to have access to the C-Panel features might want to consider an alternative
  • They don’t host content management systems other than WordPress

Flywheel Review Playlist/Roundup

Common Positive Feedback

  • They have one of the nicest dashboards on the market
  • They have great collaboration options

Common Negative Feedback

Their prices are high

Most Helpful Positive Flywheel Review

“For all the pros, you might consider going with a different host if your budget can’t swing the Flywheel pricing. However, you should remember that with all of the time saved using Flywheel, you’ll be able to focus on building your blog or business and potentially make more money.

Other than that, Flywheel could be recommended to bloggers who require multisite and all businesses using WordPress. It’s a clean dashboard, a nicely-run company, and the resources are unbeatable.”

Brenda Barron,

Most Helpful Negative Flywheel Review

  • “Flywheel is not the most versatile company as it has a few plugins it does not allow on its servers for security reasons.
  • Not one of the most affordable hosts.
  • Designed for WordPress, so not a good option if you aren’t using WordPress.”

Flywheel Price

Flywheel has three basic plans that break down like this:

flywheel hosting review

My Final Opinion of Flywheel

Overall, Flywheel is a legitimate company that offers hosting with a very intuitive interface. As a website owner who has managed clients, I can understand the challenges they’ve built their platform around, and I think they’ve offered a viable solution. If you feel that their intuitive interface and features can save you time, it might be worth the extra money to go with Flywheel. CREATE YOUR FREE FLYWHEEL ACCOUNT AND BEGIN BROWSING THE INTERFACE.

Top Alternatives

If you’re still unsure whether you want to fork out the money for Flywheel, check out some of the alternatives below.

Other Hosting Companies I Recommend

Click on any of the links below to be taken to my full review:

If you need help deciding what to look for in a good or bad web host, check out my post How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Company for You.

After reviewing dozens of web hosts, you can see my top 6 recommended web hosts for small businesses here.

VERDICT: Recommend



Flywheel Hosting






User Friendly







  • Very nice looking interface
  • Client invoicing features for resellers
  • White label hosting services


  • Pricey in comparison with competitors
  • They only host WordPress--no other CMS
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12 thoughts on “Flywheel Hosting Review: Is this the Right Hosting Company for You?”

  1. Hi thereI was searching for a hosting provider that can offer me a reasonable quick loading speed. I’m fed up with my previous host, which is on a shared server. Do you know if the cheaper Flywheel alternative is on a shared host, and will it offer better loading speeds than the traditional alternatives?

    1. Of the alternatives I mentioned in the post, A2, MacHighway, InMotion Hosting, Siteground, and WP Engine have dedicated servers. Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t currently offer dedicated servers, however, they’re rolling that feature out soon. Great question!

  2. Thanks for this interesting and informative review,  this is the first time I’m hearing about flywheel hosting, basically while going through your post,i discovered it was an awesome hosting site but the pricing is a little bit on the high side for startup entrepreneurs, making your recommendation (wealthy affiliate)  the first thing on my mind because it comes with lots of training. Much Grateful.

  3. Hi Tiffany

    Its good to know Flywheel is a great company and it is a shame they are a little expensive compared to others. If they lowered there prices I might consider using them due to the benefits you have pointed out

    I must say though I did go and read your Wealthy Affiliate review and was most impressed so I am going to join as a Premium member and do the training as I really want to create my own online business as this is where the future is

    Thank you for your help

  4. Dear Tiffany,

    Thanks a lot for the thorough and comprehensive review post.

    Being a full-time blogger often I check and look into different hosting companies. I do have came across flywheel but not laid my hands on it to know more about it. Your review is very detailed and you walked me through all the aspect and answered every possible questions I had.

    As you rightly mentioned the price is more expensive where we can get good hosting even for a cheaper price. I am with Wealthy Affiliate and they are doing a great job and I love it.

    There is no doubt your review post is going to be very helpful for many people in their decision making on Flywheel.

    Thanks a lot for saving people time via your review.

    Much Success!


  5. Great article Tiffany! A comprehensive review of Flywheel Hosting. Though it’s sounds like a good idea to subscribe but it’s a waste of resources for a start up because the money can be used in a better way to get far more results. But if you are an established brand with deep pocket why not?!why is Flywheel Hosting expensive? Is there any other website providing the same service at a lesser amount?what is the guarantee that I will get value for money on Flywheel Hosting ? Flywheel Hosting is based in which country? 

    1. Thanks for your compliments on the article! To answer your question, I’m unsure why Flywheel is priced as it is. There are other comparable services that charge less, which is why I added the “alternatives”. One thing that may or may not be a benefit to you is the custom control panel, the agency collaboration features, and the user interface–that’s what sets Flywheel apart. Others use C-Panel and WHMC for reseller accounts. C-Panel enables the option of using more CMS than WordPress. WP Engine is comparable in the collaboration ad agency features, but they’re more expensive than Flywheel and they have lots of raving fans. Wealthy Affiliate hosting is comparable in the cloud hosting arena but they have many added features that make content publishing easier and SEO improve. It’s all a preference.

  6. Thank you for posting this informative article about flywheel. Although it’s nice that it’s not a scam, it’s too bad they only support WordPress and not other CMS. I’m looking for other programs that would host for something besides WordPress. Compared to other programs, this does seem pricey as you mention. I probably stick with Wealthy Affiliate as they provide way more for the right price.

    1. Shellykh, if you’re looking for a web host that works with other CMS, then you should check out the alternatives I’ve listed in the post. Wealthy Affiliate and WP Engine only work with WordPress, but the others have more CMS options.

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