DoTerra vs. Young Living Essential Oils Review: Which Biz Opportunity is Better?

doterra vs. young living reviewDisclaimer: With the growing dissastifaction in the corporate ladder, more and more people are looking for a way out, and their growing interest in entrepreneurship.  In some cases, rather than creating their own business plan with their own products and services, people are becoming more and more excited about affiliate marketing or multi-level marketing opportunities, so I want to do reviews on business opportunities that are out there to help some people avoid scams, and make good business decisions.

This DoTerra vs. Young Living Essential Oils review post will be an honest review I’ve compiled as a Business Consultant whose reviewed several different business models and business opportunities, and whose achieved success in an online and offline business

How To Entrepreneur is in no way affiliated with DoTerra or Young Living Essential Oils.  We are a third party reviewer that has not been paid or bribed in any way to write this review, therefore, if you decide you want to sign up, you’ll need to find a sponsor.  

DoTerra vs. Young Living Essential Oils Review | Is there a Market for an Essential Oil Business?

If you’re interested in seeing this review in video, check out my video with a full Young Living vs. Doterra review here:

According to Grandview Research, the Essential oil industry was valued at 3.36 billion in 2015, and it’s expected to grow by an additional 9% from 2016 to 2024. More and more people see the health benefits of using essential oils in comparison to their conventional medicine counterparts because the contraindications are significantly less.

With the rise of pesticide use, GMOs in food, and unhealthy conventional medicine regimens, advocates have risen to combat the growing health crises: Doterra and Young Living are two longstanding large market shareholders in the essential oils industry.  Despite their longstanding position in the market, they’re not alone.

Other large market shareholders are:

  • Now Foods
  • Plant Therapy
  • Rocky Mountain Oils
  • Eden’s Garden
  • and, Aura Cascia

Here’s a map showing how each company has penetrated into the US essential oils market:

doterra vs. young living essential oils review


As you can see, Young Living is the largest market shareholder, however, Doterra is a newer and comparable brand hoping to increase their market share.  With both offering comparable products and a comparable multi-level marketing home business opportunity, I wanted to write a review that shows:

  • How Doterra and Young Living compare
  • Who has the best and most comprehensive product line
  • Whether they provide a superior product than competitors
  • That addresses the big consumer concern on Pricing
  • Their pricing strategy
  • Their product lines
  • and, if either of them is a valuable business opportunity that will enable you a lucrative position in the $3 billion essential oils industry (or even make a decent full-time income)

If that sounds interesting to you, let’s get started…

DoTerra vs. Young Living Essential Oils Review | What is DoTerra?  What is Young Living Essential Oils?

About Young Living

DoTerra vs. Young Living Essential Oils Review


Young Living Essential Oils is a company that was founded in 1993 by Gary Young.  They have a headquarters in Lehi, Utah and offices in Australia, Europe, Canada, Japan, and Singapore.  In less than 25 years, they’ve grown to be the world leader in the essential oil market with:

  • 2600 employees
  • 4M+ members
  • 15 corporate and partner farms
  • 13 offices operating in 20 markets
  • and products shipping into 133 countries

What they’ve accomplished in less than 20 years is quite impressive.

Their company uses the multi-level marketing model where they share revenue with their distributors rather than using the majority of their revenue on traditional advertising methods.  Often times, MLM models can become very sticky and have lots of cons, however, in certain cases, the business model can build a reputable and well-known company, which is certainly the case with Young Living.

As a competitive advantage, Young Living has “seed to seal” quality control standards.  They own the farms where the plants are harvested, they employ the distillers, and they perform the manufacturing.  Many of their competitors do not maintain the same level of quality control: from farm to packaging, so the quality in the essential oils industry can vary quite a bit.

Young Living uses steam distillation, resin tapping, or cold pressing to extract the finest oils from the plants.  Each of their extraction methods are very gentle, so they’re able to ensure the maximum amount of oils at their peak are able to be infused into each bottle.

For customer service, they offer live chat, phone support, and email support.  They seem to be very involved with maintaining their reputation, ensuring customers are satisfied, and resolving reasonable complaints.

About Doterra

DoTerra vs. Young Living Essential Oils Review

DoTerra was founded in 2008 by a group of healthcare workers and business professionals (some who worked for Young Living).  An official statement by Young Living explains that David Stirling, Emily Wright, Justin Harrison, and Lillian Shepherd breached the terms of a nonsolicitation agreement that had with Young Living, started their own essential oils business in competition with Young Living, and used allegations against the founders (Gary and Mary Young) to deflect the attention from what they did.  Even worse, they went to Young Living distributors to solicite to them.

In response to the lawsuit, DoTerra executives say they started DoTerra because of:

  • Declining quality in Young Living
  • Unequal pay for women
  • The deceased founder, Gary Young’s “outrageous practices”
  • and Deceptive advertising surrounding the seed to seal quality control standard

With their complaints in mind, the first DoTerra proponent was fired by Young Living and the other three quit.  Sounds like Doterra was started on bad ethics to me, but that doesn’t necessarily stop it from being a good business opportunity for you, or does it?

Despite beginnings that may ride on bad ethics, DoTerra has grown into a large competitor company with 3 million members.  Unlike Young Living, DoTerra does not own their own farms, so they cannot oversee a seed to seal process; however, they do source their products from quality controlled farms, and uphold internal quality control stipulations they call CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade).

DoTerra vs. Young Living Essential Oils Review | DoTerra vs. Young Living Essential Oils Products

There are some product lines that are very similar between Young Living and Doterra, but there are some differences.  Young Living definitely has a larger product line in most categories, but they each have some products with no competing variation in the other.

They both carry:

  • Essential oil singles
  • Essential oil blends
  • Skin care
  • Body care
  • Hair care
  • Diffusers
  • a Multi-level Marketing Business Opportunity
  • Workshops
  • Education
  • Seminars
  • Team training

Young Living is distinguished by their:

  • Additional essential oil selections (singles and blends)
  • Mens personal care line
  • Mineral makeup
  • Dental care
  • Baby care personal care line
  • Massage oils
  • Wolfberries and NingXia products for longevity and vitality

Doterra is distinguished by their:

  • Supplements

In my opinion, Young Living wins for superior product variation, quality control competitive advantages, and based on reviews, they also win in customer satisfaction.

DoTerra vs. Young Living Essential Oils Review | The Compensation Plan

Both Doterra and Young Living have very comparable compensation plans, however, it seems that Doterra has made it’s compensation plan competitive with Young Living.

Let me show you some examples:

  • Exclusive Rewards Programs – YL up to 49% off and DoTerra up to 55% off
  • Wholesale Discount – YL is 24% and DoTerra is 25%

In my opinion, DoTerra has a competitive compensation plan, however, both companies have success stories and the product quality will definitely be a key to success with either “business opportunity”.

You can check out Young Living’s compensation plan HERE and DoTerra’s compensation plan HERE.  Both companies are very open and up front about the payment program which is a huge plus.

DoTerra vs. Young Living Review | Are Others Succeeding in the Business?

Although a compensation plan may be good, products may be good, and reputation may be established; finding success stories also helps to make a decision on whether or not a business opportunity is good.  Here are some success stories from Young Living and Doterra plus the keys to the individual success.

Success Stories in Young Living and the Keys

Lindsay Teague Moreno – Grew her Young Living business to 7 figures/month in two years:

Adam and Vanessa –

Kelly –

More success testimonials are documented here.

Success Stories in Doterra and the Keys

Jessica Moultrie –

Pramela –

Ange Peters –

Jessica Iddings –

DoTerra vs. Young Living Essential Oils Review | Pros vs. Cons

Young Living and DoTerra Pros

  • Great rewards program
  • You can opt out of the wholesale opportunity at any time
  • The emphasis is on the product more than the business
  • It’s a lifestyle business that’s impacting people’s health in positive ways
  • Education based marketing
  • Conventions, awards, and bonuses Community
  • Raving and loyal customers

Young Living and DoTerra Cons

  • Retail pricing is not competitive with other brands
  • You have to buy more than $50 of product annually to qualify for wholesale pricing
  • There’s not much Marketing training (especially Internet Marketing training) within the community
  • People are expected to share the products with family and friends for sales

Young Living Pros and Cons


  • Established brand
  • Market leader
  • Seed to Seal quality assurance
  • More products
  • Great reputation


  • Some people disagree with the deceased founder on personal matters
  • Doterra has a 1-2% variations in certain categories that make their compensation plan appear more lucrative

DoTerra Pros and Cons


  • Nice and clean branding
  • Nice packaging
  • Good compensation plan


  • Beginning ethics
  • Less product variations
  • Internal quality control
  • Sourced ingredients
  • No seed to seal quality control

DoTerra vs. Young Living Essential Oils Review | Conclusion

Hopefully, this review will help you make a good decision on which essential oil distributor program to choose, or whether you should choose one at all.  You should definitely only pursue a business opportunity if it aligns with your values, so don’t simply sign up to become a distributor because you see dollar signs.  Make sure you:

  • Love the product
  • Love the vision, mission, purpose, and dream of the company (whether Young Living or DoTerra)
  • You’re mitigating product costs by participating in the rewards program
  • You’re ready to implement business principles into the development of this venture
  • You follow a business blueprint that enables your success with this venture

The Verdict: Good Business Opportunity or Not? Which Wins?

Both opportunities are viable, however, my personal preference is Young Living for essential oils because of the quality control and their system for rewarding customers.

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Here’s a very brief comparison…

Now, it’s Your Turn…

What are your thoughts on DoTerra and Young Living?  Which do you think wins as most viable business opportunity (or none at all)?  Why or why not?  I won’t have any hard feelings.  I’m not a part of either one.  Leave your comments below.

10 thoughts on “DoTerra vs. Young Living Essential Oils Review: Which Biz Opportunity is Better?”

  1. Hi, overall your article is well-written, but I feel like it is a little biased towards Young Living. I’m assuming you personally are not trying to decide between the two, but I would hate for any of your readers to be misled by some of the facts, so wanted to add a few.

    Although you listed Young Living stats, you neglected to list any of dōTERRA’s:

    dōTERRA has over 2800 employees, and they treat them well. There was over $201,000 in tuition reimbursement given to employees in 2017, and over $1,000,000 contributed to employee 401k plans through their 401k match program. In 2017 dōTERRA paid roughly 80% of medical insurance premiums for employees for a total of $3,662,393.

    dōTERRA has over 5 million members

    They source oils from over 45 countries, more than half of which are considered developing countries. Their Cō-Impact Sourcing initiative works to develop long-term, mutually beneficial and ethical supplier partnerships while creating sustainable jobs and providing reliable income in underdeveloped areas.

    In 2017 dōTERRA shipped products to over 148 countries around the world.

    Cicero market research conducted a large-scale research project to get a randomized and representative general population sample to find out what people felt regarding dōTERRA, essential oils and other brands in the market. Here’s what they found:

    In one year, dōTERRA experienced a 33% increase as the preferred essential oil brand when compared to all other essential oil companies.
    dōTERRA outperforms other leading competitors in company values, culture and sustainability.
    Daily users of essential oils gave the highest rating to dōTERRA essential oils in therapeutic grade purity, and effectiveness.
    dōTERRA has the highest awareness, familiarity, and favorability when compared to other essential oil brands and has an overwhelming lead as the preferred brand.
    dōTERRA is seen as superior to other leading essential oils companies in numerous corporate categories, including quality, leadership, environmentally friendly, and philanthropic efforts.

    What they’ve accomplished in less than 10 years is quite impressive!

    You mention the lawsuit between Young Living and dōTERRA, what you failed to mention was the outcome. In June of 2017 the Jury found that dōTERRA committed no wrongdoing against Young Living and dismissed the lawsuit, and just last week the Judge ordered Young Living to pay $1.8 to dōTERRA in attorney costs after Young Living acted in “bad faith”.

    Also, during the trial, sworn testimony by Gary Young revealed that Young Living’s Seed to Seal program was a farce. Less than 1% of its oils come from company farms. The vast majority of their oils are being purchased through brokers. Using brokers devalues the farmers’ hard work and makes it unsustainable for them to continue. That’s why every month Young Living puts out a list of oils that are out of stock. The current list shows 8 oils and blends out of stock, not to mention several personal care items, nutrition products and kits.

    You mention that dōTERRA does not own its own farms so therefore cannot oversee a “seed to seal” process. However, anyone making a comparison of Young Living and dōTERRA should look into dōTERRA’s Cō-Impact Sourcing. They go all over the world to source the best quality oils, and partner with growers and distillers that adhere to their sourcing principles.

    You mention several things Young Living is distinguished for, but only list supplements for dōTERRA, and therefore in your opinion Young Living wins for product variation, but in truth, in addition to oils and supplements, dōTERRA has skin care, hair care, toothpaste, weight management, cleaning products, and most recently they just came out with a men’s line and a baby line. So in my opinion dōTERRA also has great product variation.

    One of the cons you listed for both companies was that you have to buy more than $50 of product annually to qualify for wholesale pricing. While I cannot speak for Young Living, that is not true for dōTERRA. There are no requirements or minimum purchases to maintain a wholesale membership.

    One of the Pros listed for Young Living was its Seed to Seal quality assurance, yet several of their oils have been tested and re-tested and found to be adulterated with synthetics. None of dōTERRA’S oils have been tested and found to be adulterated, although one blend was tested and found to have omitted one of the ingredients.

    Hopefully this additional information will be beneficial to anyone who is trying to decide between dōTERRA and Young Living.

    1. Tiffany Domena

      Hello Joni! I appreciate all comments, however, I would have appreciated a different tone even better. Terms like “you neglected” or “you failed” are not terms I tolerate in use on this blog directed at me or at any of my visitors.

      Regarding whether the review was biased or not, I have no association with either company; neither was I writing the review in consideration of either. I simply did research in effort to help readers who may consider one of these opportunities, therefore, my bias was a fact-based bias rather than an association-based bias. When I searched, I found information about both companies, analyzed the facts, and determined which company outperformed the other. From a factual standpoint, both companies are viable business opportunities, but YL has more products, more established reputation, and higher quality control standards. Some of your points like those about product variation or oil sourcing are not necessary to rebuttal because the facts clearly speak.

      Beyond that, you’ve added information and “supposed facts”, however, where can these facts be verified?

      I went to your site, and you’re clearly a DoTerra representative. You’re comment is very biased seemingly based on your association. Prior to receiving your comment, I had a fact-based bias towards Young Living, but now after receiving a comment with your tone, I have a fact and experience-based bias in favor of Young Living. Who wants to be a part of a company who speaks to people they don’t know in a tone like you have? Not me.

      1. Tiffany, I’m truly sorry, it was not my intent to come across in a demeaning tone. I just wanted to make sure that you had all the facts. Feel free to delete my comment. I can send you links to verify the information I gave you. I’m leaving for a class right now, but will send them later today.

        1. Tiffany Domena

          No problem Joni. I appreciate the facts you added, so I won’t delete the comment. Like I said, certain terms come across as demeaning, but I won’t hold that against you since you’ve expressed that it wasn’t your intention. I look forward to seeing whatever additional information you provide. They are both impressive companies, and I’m not even a huge MLM fan.

          1. Hi Tiffany, Finally getting around to getting the links to you. First off, I do want to apologize again, I really didn’t mean for my comments to sound confrontational or accusatory. So, thank you for accepting my apology.

            I will admit that I am biased towards dōTERRA. I assumed by my comments that everyone would know that I was associated with them, I wasn’t trying to hide that fact. Having said all that, I think it’s important to note that I started my essential oil journey with Young Living. Young Living was my first introduction to oils, and I loved using them. However, years before I ever even started using essential oils, let alone heard of dōTERRA, I heard some pretty negative things about Gary Young and what kind of person he was. I chose to ignore those things because I loved the oils. After a while, it became clear that I could not continue to ignore who he really was. It’s hard for me to have faith in a company if I don’t have faith in the owner and founder of the company. After I left Young Living, I used oils sourced by Dana Young, Gary’s brother. I was not impressed with the President of the company Dana was marketing his oils through either, so I once again began searching for a new company to purchase my oils from. At that point I was really hoping to find a company that was not MLM, for all the obvious reasons. Like you, I’ve never been a big fan of Network Marketing or MLM.

            I tell you all this so that you know where I’m coming from. I found dōTERRA in January 2009, right after they first started the company. Because it was still such a new company, I had the opportunity to meet each of the individual owners and founders. I looked them in the eyes and asked hard questions, because I was tired of the lies and the drama. (The Essential Oil world is like a Soap Opera). I can tell you that I have the utmost respect for them, and their integrity. Their main concern is serving and helping others. When they originally left Young Living, it wasn’t so they could start their own company, but their love of the oils and helping others eventually led them to create dōTERRA.

            Here are some links to help you better understand why I chose dōTERRA over Young Living.

            All the stats I posted about dōTERRA came from this dōTERRA publication.

            Here is a link to a news report about the Young Living trial against dōTERRA being dismissed.

            And here is a link to the news about the most recent results of the Lawsuit, with Young Living being ordered to pay dōTERRA’s attorney fees.

            While I do not have the actual transcript from the Lawsuit, this website quotes some of it, discussing the truth about the “Seed to Seal” program. Obviously, there is no way to prove it is from the actual transcript, but from everything I’ve heard from the owners and founders, I would have a tendency to believe it is true. The information was supposedly taken from updates from Kirk Jowers, one of dōTERRA’s Attorney’s, to Eric Larson, one of the top distributors.

            Also, when you speak of YL and their “Seed to Seal” and sourcing I think you might be interested to know that they were found guilty of trafficking oils from endangered plants.

            Here is the link to YL current products that are out of Stock:

            Here is a link to more information about dōTERRA’s Cō-Impact Sourcing

            And here is another link with more information about their Sourcing

            And this link has information about sourcing for some of our individual oils

            I mentioned that several of YL oils were found to be adulterated. This is a blog post from the women who had the oils tested, and there are links to all of the test results. For her, it wasn’t so much about the fact that the oils were found to be adulterated, but the way that Young Living handled the situation.

            Of course, when comparing businesses, sometimes checking out the Better Business Bureau is a good place to start.

            Young Living is no longer accredited with the BBB due to their failure to substantiate their advertising claims that they are the “World Leader in Essential Oils”, and that they “produce the best, most authentic essential oils in the world”. They have an A rating with 4.21 out of 5 stars based on 60 customer reviews, with 103 total customer complaints.

            dōTERRA is BBB Accredited and has an A+ rating with 4.49 out of 5 stars based on only 27 customer reviews, with 42 total customer complaints.

            I hope these facts are beneficial to you and to anyone else trying to decide between Young Living and dōTERRA. Thank you for allowing me to add to your post, I appreciate it.

          2. Tiffany Domena

            Thanks Joni for adding all of these citations. You’ve given a lot of information that shows further that DoTerra is a great company as well, and could help someone to make their decision. You’ve made some great points, however, I still want to highlight the sales forces of both companies are very strong and a person considering either opportunity should definitely make sure: 1) They find good mentorship with the team they connect with, and 2) They stand strongly behind whichever mission, vision, purpose, and product that choose to represent enough to commit until they’re successful. I think both are great opportunities from a business standpoint. It would be up to each person to use the facts to decide which is the best opportunity individually.

            Like I said, no hard feelings since your intention wasn’t to be accusatory.

          3. I agree with you completely. Thanks again for giving me the chance to share my thoughts.

          4. Tiffany Domena

            No problem Joni! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. If you’d like any help marketing your DoTerra business online, I’d love to help you out. We can get started free by going HERE

  2. When I read your article, personally I find two main points that attract me. Firstly, your article opens the door for people to think about how Young Living or Doterra can succeed by using an online and offline strategy. This is really useful information. Knowing how to earn money and to live healthy are mandatory information to people right now. Both of the businesses sound really awesome.

    1. Hello Piseth! I think someone whose interested in promoting natural living using essential oils could find either of these opportunities enjoyable. Nowadays, with the increased use of the internet, it’s important for businesses of all types to consider internet marketing, which is why I’ve added that. Thanks for your comments and for stopping by!

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