Custom Logo Fidget Spinner: 5 Things to Know Before Using Them in Promo Campaigns

custom logo fidget spinner

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custom logo fidget spinnersIf you’re getting custom promo items, the chances are you want to spread a message or leave an impression of your brand.

With all the hype about fidget spinners for stress relief, as children’s toys, for disabilities, or even for adult entertainment, a custom logo fidget spinner can be a great campaign item, but there’s some things that no one’s talking about and you need to know before you go using them in your promo campaigns.

Here’s a list of 5 things no one is talking about regarding custom logo fidget spinners for use in promo campaigns…

1. Do People Really Like Fidget Spinners?

Fidget spinners have become a huge fad that’s taken a wide range audience by storm.  They started as a trend to help kids channel nervous energy, then when adults saw them, they began buying for themselves too.

Now, millions of fidget spinners are being sold and hundreds of thousands of searches for “fidget spinners” are being done in the search engines every month!  Take a look…

custom logo fidget spinner

(Information source: Jaaxy)

2. What Target Audiences Would a Custom Logo Fidget Spinner Campaign Work Good For?

Now, according to Livescience. fidget spinners have science to back them as an antidote to:

  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Anxiety
  • and, Stress relief

As a result, they’re perfect for target audiences where the stress levels are high, where there are known disabilities, diagnosis, or where you simply want to give something “fun”.  Unlike many other promo items, a custom logo fidget spinner can be attractive and entertaining, but also a good source of low cost, high impression business advertisement.

3. What Messages Can You Communicate thru a Custom Logo Fidget Spinner Campaign?

When you buy customer promotional items, there’s usually a purpose or a message you want to communicate to your consumers.  Sometimes, the promo items are purchased because they’re usable, but often times, they fill a specific use or communicate a specific message–custom logo fidget spinners are no different.  Here’s some common themes that custom logo fidget spinners can be used to communicate…

The Importance of Focus

Fidget spinners are called “fidget” spinners because of the human nervous tendency to bounce, wiggle, and fidget.  Fidget spinners are supposed to give an alternative to biting finger nails, fidgeting back and forth, having nervous anger outbursts, or doing nervous twitches.  Fidget spinners help to focus.  As a result of their known uses, you can use custom logo fidget spinners to show your company’s support of focus, concentration, or solving barriers to focus.

custom logo fidget spinnersResourcefulness

For years, people have been treating people with nervous outbursts in a marginalized way because they didn’t know how to control their nervous tendencies, then….VOILA….fidget spinners arrived on the scene!  The simplicity of fidget spinners makes them such a simple remedy that most people probably think they could have thought of, but it requires resourcefulness even to make simple solutions like fidget spinners.

When using custom logo fidget spinners in a promo campaign, you can use them to communicate your support of resourcefulness.  Similar to how the inventors of the fidget spinner to the concept of the fan and made an antidote to common ailments, you can use your campaign to show support of a similarly innovative spirit.

Support of Therapy for Widespread Health Concerns

There are many known conventional medications for ADD, anxiety, autism, and other diagnoses that are associated with fidgeting.  Many people are looking for alternative ways to solve problems rather than having children (or even adults) on medication for the rest of their lives.  You can show support for alternative therapies by doing a custom logo fidget spinner advertising campaign.  Whether you’re a medical clinic or another business type, you can show your support of solutions for these ailments with your advertising campaign.

Understanding in Stressful Environments

Sometimes, you might simply have insight about a stressful environment: maybe within your company, maybe with customers, or maybe even with vendors.  When no one seems to communicate their understanding of the state of the company, it adds to the stress levels.  A custom logo fidget spinner campaign can break the ice, serve as a way to communicate understanding, help as an antidote to calm things down, and increase brand awareness.

Support of Social Causes

There are so many high stress situations that are plaguing the US and the world at large: from cancer to heart disease, autism to anxiety, and more.  Custom logo fidget spinners can be used a giveaways to lower stress during hard times, they can be for fundraisers to champion donations towards causes, or they can simply be given out to advertise, create awareness and show support.

It’s Okay to Play

Sometimes, the hustle and bustle of life can be so severe that there’s a lost balance of recreation, fun, and overall enjoyment.  A custom logo fidget spinner campaign can show a realization of lost balance and restoration of peace and playfulness.

custom logo fidget spinners4. Are there Case Studies or Stats that Prove The Value of Fidget Spinners?

While there are not currently studies showing success in decreasing conventional medication as a result of fidget spinners, there are studies that show that inducing the fidget behavior may help some to focus.

In fact, two separate studies show that kids who were asked to perform cognitive tasks while their activity levels were high were able to focus better.  Optimal arousal levels were needed in order to maintain focus–this is where the fidget spinner comes in.

5. Are there Case Studies that Show Custom Logo Fidget Spinners for Successful Business Promotion?

Since they’re a fairly new craze, there are no clear metrics stating the average number of impressions or the cost per impression for custom logo fidget spinners, but they’ve definitely become a very popular custom promo item.  Top brands like:

  • The NFL
  • The NBA
  • Tiffany’s
  • Microsoft
  • Goldman’s Sach’s
  • Sea World
  • and others…

Are using custom logo fidget spinners to advertise their brands.  Companies see the widespread target audience, the usefulness, the excitement, and the potential atidotes, and want a piece of the pie for advertising space.

You should tap into this exciting and affordable form of advertisement too!

Recommended Vendors for Custom Fidget Spinners

custom logo fidget spinner

If you’re in the market for custom fidget spinners, here are my top recommended vendors:

  • Deluxe – They have a wide variety of custom fidget spinners: ones that light up, different colors, and more. You can design the fidet spinners on your own, so it represents your brand the way you want. Check out the Deluxe website here or see my Deluxe review here.
  • Zazzle – They have very low minimums in case you want to use fidget spinners in small quantities as giveaways. Check out the Zazzle website or see my Zazzle review here.

Now, it’s Your Turn…

Have you seen custom logo fidget spinner campaigns?  What are your thoughts on using custom logo fidget spinners for advertising campaigns now that you’ve read some background? Leave your comments and questions below.

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6 thoughts on “Custom Logo Fidget Spinner: 5 Things to Know Before Using Them in Promo Campaigns”

  1. Does these fidget spinners really work in bringing focus in nervous situations? because as i was reading your article i saw that you mention that this helps individuals from biting finger nails.if that’s the case i think i should get one of these. and after reading the entire post i think these fidget spinners really works. i love the article because at some point i thought these were just some toys now i am starting to see the huge health benefits that these offers. thanks for sharing such vital information. 

    1. Hi Michael! I’m sure each person is different, but many people are speaking highly about how they help with nervous fidgets. It’s also nice how you can pair them as an advertisement. Let’s set up a marketing audit and chat more!

  2. Wow, I never knew that fidget spinners have so many searches online each month! I better get writing about them on my parenting website! Yes I had heard that they were trending but never took much notice. My kids don’t have fidget spinners so I have never had any personal experience with them. 

    What a brilliant and unique idea to use them for marketing purposes. If I got custom fidget spinners done to promote my business I could drive moms crazy all over the world with my logo under their foot while they scream for their kids to clean up! 

    1. You’re comment definitely made me laugh. I could imagine the moms screaming like you said. In your niche, the custom logo fidget spinners would probably work very effectively. It’s a really fun promo item.

  3. It is good to see that trends on new items are picked up by people to be put to good use not only as a simple toy, but as an idea of something helpful and yet being an advertisement at the same time. 

    The craze around new items can be huge in this digital age so it is probably safe to assume that following the idea of this article and investing in this product as a business promotion can be a great idea.

    1. Hi Rihards! Custom logo fidget spinners can be a fun way to advertise your business, and since it’s trendy, it makes it even more effective.

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