Create and Go Review: Blogging Courses, Pricing & Alternatives

create and go review

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If you’re looking for a thorough Create and Go review, you’re in the right place.

It’s likely if you’ve come across Create and Go before, you were browsing Youtube, Pinterest, or Google looking to learn more about blogging, and they have quite the compelling story about how it changed their life! They went from $0 to nearly $100,000/mo in three years with blogging! As entrepreneurs, many of us are trying to put food on the table, a roof over our heads, and have fun every now and again, so when you see an anomaly story where two people go from $0 to almost $1 million in annual income within two years, it catches attention.

While Alex and Lauren have a compelling story, there’s more to consider before deciding whether their courses are a good fit for you, and you’re probably here to get all of the facts. My goal with this review is to present the facts about the courses to you in an unbiased way, so you can decide whether these courses would be a good fit for you.

I’ve created this review because my mission at How to Entrepreneur is to help entrepreneurs to start and run a business: from idea to enterprise. Picking good vendors for the products, services, and training you need is paramount to growing a successful business, so I write reviews like this from time to time to help you pick good vendors, or to warn you about who to avoid.

In this Create and Go review, I’ll tell you:

  • What Create and Go is
  • How their programs work
  • Pros and Cons
  • What it does well and what it does not
  • What others are saying (good and bad)
  • My Recommendation
  • And, Alternatives (in case you want to do some comparison shopping)

What is An Overview

create and go review

On their blog, Alex and Lauren describe how they met on a popular dating app called Tinder in 2014. They immediately “clicked” and went on to establish a solid relationship and became business partners in a multi-million dollar blog empire.
They were both in their 20’s (and still are).  Alex was a personal trainer and Lauren was a CPA.

Alex had the entrepreneurial “itch” (as they call it). Lauren didn’t quite have the itch, but she had this underlying question after achieving major milestones (a Bachelor’s in Accounting, an MBA, and a CPA license). She wondered, “Is this it?”. Life seemed very monotonous to the both of them even though they were “successful” compared to what most people would expect for their ages.

Alex took the “itch” and decided to try his hand at online business. He had a couple flops, then they started a blog called Avocadu. They put in alot of work on Avocadu and were able to reach $104,457.98 in their first year–this was a gamechanger for them! After their first successful year blogging, they continued to grow Avocadu to create a highly lucrative income, then decided to start Create and Go to teach others how they were able to get the results they did online.

How Does Work?

As of this writing, the Create and Go team has five courses that help bloggers from startup up to those who are trying to reach six figures online. Their courses teach concepts like:

  • WordPress technical skills
  • Email Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • SEO
  • Product Development
  • Course Development
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Recordkeeping
  • and more.

Here’s a breakdown of what their courses look like here…

create and go review

How Do I Get Started with

To get started with Create and Go, it’s probably best to check out their Course Roadmap to see how their courses correlate with your skill level and what you already know.

Who is For?

Create and Go offers courses for startup bloggers up to those looking to reach 6-figures. If you want to know:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • How to create a digital product
  • How to create an eBook
  • How to grow traffic from Pinterest
  • and how to organize your financials

Then, their courses might be of interest to you. Tools & Training

Create and Go is a training platform. Each training course has approximately 10 hours of material that covers one topic to help bloggers get to the next level in their careers. Support

Create and Go offers support via email and in their Facebook group.

What Does Do Well

  • They create courses that teach methods that work
  • The product developers, Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus are actively involved in their courses and in their Facebook group
  • They respond to customer inquiries thoroughly and in a customized way
  • They have the courses broken down in a way that’s simple to acquire the new skills
  • They offer courses on sponsored posting, affiliate marketing, creating digital products, and covering the technical skills of each

What Doesn’t Do Well

  • They don’t have a lot of success stories where bloggers went from $0 to a full-time income (the success stories I’ve seen had bloggers who were already making money and made more–which is still good) Review Roundup

Here’s a brief summary of the pros and cons I’ve found after reading several reviews of Create and Go and their products online…

Third Party Reviews

There weren’t any reviews on sites like Yelp, G2Crowd, ShopperApproved, the BBB, or TrustPilot, however, there were people who reviewed the courses in Google. Most of the reviewers are affiliates writing about their Pinterest Avalanche course. The reviewers have said after the course, their having better results on Pinterest.

There weren’t many reviews from bloggers who took the other courses saying they were making full-time incomes or more, but there were a few like Natalie Bacon and Sharia from MNCountry Girl.

On a positive note, there were no negative reviews reporting fraud, billing issues, or problems with refunds (like what’s common to see in this industry), so that’s a huge plus! Here’s a breakdown of what Google looks like when you type Create and Go reviews:

create and go reviewsAfter reading the several of the third-party reviews, here’s a summary of the pros and cons other customers have mentioned…

Common Positive Reviews

  • I got more Pinterest pageviews after taking the Pinterest Avalanche course
  • I learned how to set up my blog
  • I learned how to monetize a blog Negative Reviews

  • I wish there was more interaction from advanced bloggers in the Facebook group
  • I wish there was a way to download the files as a folder rather than downloading each download individually

Most Helpful Positive Create and Go Review

Review 1:

“Less than one year after taking Six Figure Blogger, I quit my full time job and became a full time blogger.

I put the monetization strategy from the course into action, implemented everything, and my income rose well past six figure blogger status of $8,333.

In fact, I was making over $14k per month less than one year later. 

It’s so amazing to see the results I have in my life from this course. I’m forever grateful to Alex and Lauren for creating Six Figure Blogger.

I don’t know where I’d be without it!”

Natalie Bacon,

Review 2:

Well, In case you haven’t heard me mention Alex and Lauren from Create and Go, I owe my blogging career to them! I started their courses in the Pro Blogger Bundle in November of 2017 and I’ve never looked back!When I decided I wanted to be a blogger, I had NO idea where to start. All I knew was I wanted to work from home and I wanted to make money doing it. I was tired of living month to month barely getting by. I wanted to have the extra funds to get out and have FUN with my son!I’m a huge fan of Pinterest so I got on their website and started researching how to start a blog. The next thing I knew, I was completely overwhelmed on where to start. There was SO much to learn…the steps of starting a blog, marketing, making it profitable, social media and the list literally goes on forever. I was so overwhelmed I had no idea how to start and I wanted to do it right! That’s until I discovered Create and Go.

Sharla, MN Country Girl

Most Helpful Negative Create and Go Review

“So, nothing is perfect and I want to give you a heads up about the downsides of the course.

First, I kind of wish there was a separate folder for the course where you could download everything, instead of having to download as you go (I like to be organized from the start). I don’t even think this is possible in Teachable, but hey, I’m living in dream world over here! 

Second, the Facebook group isn’t as active with advanced bloggers as I wish it was. I love giving advice and helping new bloggers, but would love it if more advanced bloggers were actively giving advance.

Finally, if you don’t put the steps of the course into action, then you won’t see results. You have to take action on this course and do what’s instructed, or else it’s just going to be a waste of money.”

Natalie Bacon, Six Figure Blogger review Price

The Create and Go courses range from $97 – $297 individually, and $647 when you buy them all together.

My Final Opinion of

I personally took their course “Make Money Blogging for Beginners”. It was one of the first courses I took when I decided I wanted to blog full-time. The courses are legit, Alex and Lauren were very involved in the Facebook group, and she responded very thoroughly to my inquiries.

At the time, I had just had a baby, which was baby #2 for me, and I was trying to figure out how I could balance my work and life to fulfill the desire I had to blog full-time. Based on the strategies Alex and Lauren taught, it could easily take a solo blogger more than 80 hours weekly, but the time/schedule requirements weren’t clearly laid out.

I personally walked away from their strategies because they were so time-intensive (in my opinion), I didn’t think I stood a chance as a solo blogger, and a new stay-at-home mom of two.  Their processes seemed to REQUIRE two people. After walking away from their courses, I found two alternative programs that had training that was more understandable for me, and gained more hope that I could make it all work.

My personal experience and situation may be completely different than yours. I believe their methods and strategies work, but it just wasn’t a good fit for me at that time. Instead, the alternatives (I’ve listed below) worked much better.

Regardless, the decision of whether you’ll take their courses is entirely up to you.

I still recommend them because they were ethical, responsive, and they teach methods that work. They just didn’t have the best path for me to be successful online AT THAT TIME, but after leaving there, I was highly inspired by their story and success, and no less motivated to find a path that worked for me.

Update 4/16/2019:

Since going back to their courses and seeing how much they’ve evolved and grown, it’s very exciting. While the courses may not have been understandable or practical for me starting out, I can better understand how to manage the tasks within my schedule now (a little more than one year from purchasing the course).

They did still have an advantage as partners, but the strategies can work for one person, they just need to be scheduled out and possibly not as aggressive as what Alex and Lauren did together. I plan to go back and buy their course Six Figure Blogger in the near future to prepare for selling courses here at How to Entrepreneur.

If you’re in the market for blogging courses, this is one of the hottest blogging schools for pros and aspiring pros on the market. You should definitely check them out.

Top Alternatives

If you’re in the market for blogging courses and you want to take a look at some Create and Go alternatives, below are some options I recommend. All of my recommendations are courses that:

  • Have great customer support
  • Have proof from their students that their methods work
  • Have lots of training
  • Have an engaged community
  • Have credible instructors
  • Have transparent advertising
  • and, ideally, they have a free trial or something that let’s you get a feel for what you’ll be buying

Wealthy Affiliate is my top recommendation because it checks all of the boxes. Of all of the products and services in the industry, Wealthy Affiliate holds the #1 rating. Here’s why…

Wealthy Affiliate – #1 in the Industry | Top Recommendation

In addition to meeting the criteria for How to Entrepreneur recommendation, they also offer bloggers and entrepreneurs:

  • Access to the owners who have been in the industry for 15+ years
  • Good ethics. They show you the value before asking for money (or even requesting billing info)
  • The hassle-free ability to leave whenever you want
  • A hosting platform that outpaces top players like Bluehost, Hostgator, WP Engine, and others…
  • Affordable pricing (even more affordable than Create and Go): a lifetime free plan and a premium plan
  • Hundreds of success stories
  • No upsells
  • A huge and highly engaged community of 1.4 million entrepreneurs
  • A social media style networking platform (instead of a Facebook group)
  • Cloud website hosting
  • Technical expertise
  • 1000’s of hours of training on various Internet Marketing topics
  • Weekly live training with Q&A
  • A content writing tool that doubles (or quadruples) your writing efficiency
  • A platform to get feedback on your website on-demand
  • and more…


Wealthy Affiliate vs. Create and Go

Other course creators don’t come close to the value for the price as Wealthy Affiliate, and there are some great courses out there. Here’s a few more differences that set them apart from Create and Go:

Other Internet Marketing & Blogging Courses I Recommend

VERDICT: Recommend


Create and Go Blogging Courses






User Friendly







  • Credible Instructors with Income Reports as Proof
  • Very compelling and Motivational Story
  • Strategies that Work
  • They're Transparent and Don't Exaggerate to make it Sound easy
  • Reasonable Pricing (considering you have a lifetime membership)


  • Their school is still fairly new so there's not as many success stories as alternatives
  • Some of the methods may be overwhelming to newbies, but you have a lifetime membership so you can go back at any time
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4 thoughts on “Create and Go Review: Blogging Courses, Pricing & Alternatives”

  1. Hi Tiffany,

    I have read your create and go review, you have shared your experience on blogging and you gave your thoughts, thank you so much for sharing your opinion with us. I completely agree with your views on this. I am going to follow your instructions and i am going to share your article with my friends, i appreciate your good work.

  2. Hi Tiffany,

    Thanks for sharing this review. I’ve only recently realized that there are so many blogging courses for people to choose from. This one does sound a bit more on the expensive side.

    Yet, your review made me realize how these husband & wife teams can be very successful. If they figure out a way to divide up the work, they can easily accomplish more than just one person can do in a 24 hour period.

    I need to make sure that I don’t get myself in a position where I comparing my new blog’s results to that of a husband / wife team.

    In full disclosure, I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. One thing that I like about Wealthy Affiliate is that we have the ability to see the progress of lots of different people at different stages of their journey’s to monetize their websites.

    I also feel like Wealthy Affiliate is such a great value, price wise, that I can still afford to purchase other courses that will allow me to continue my education. It is important to learn as much about the industry as possible.

    I like analyzing a variety of successful people’s strategies. Granted, in some ways it makes me realize that the information that Wealthy Affiliate is very comprehensive.

    Thanks for the great review!

    1. Tiffany Domena

      Sondra, I think price is subjective and considering ROI plus lifetime updates, I didn’t have a problem paying what they asked. Look at college tuition rates! People are paying tens or hundreds of thousands to get knowledge about their professions. I thought $197 or even $997 was a small ask.
      The only problem was I was looking for something more comprehensive and I was left with so many more questions after each course (I took two). After taking two courses, I wasn’t sure the entire suite would be able to answer all my questions and I was overwhelmed by trying to translate what they did into what I could do as a solo blogger.
      All in all, their courses are valuable and I did take some nuggets away, but I’m like you, I believe WA is a gamechanger in terms of value! I also believe in continued education, but I do caution people to master one strategy before implementing others. Otherwise, you can end on the spiral of shiny object syndrome. For hundreds of people, WA has been the solid and primary strategy from newbie to making a full-time income online so I highly recommend them.
      Watch the successful people but be careful to follow a proven strategy rather than emulating them because they’re established and have more leeway. I see many startups with no audience and no trust try to do what established entrepreneurs do, and it doesn’t work. Some things are appropriate for the established company that aren’t for the startup. It’s like having a family dinner to make with a $10 budget. In the beginning, you have a small budget of trust, experience, know-how, and authority, so you have to follow a proven path. You have to hone in and focus on one path, then scale out from there. Hope that helps Sondra.

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