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If you’re here, it’s likely, you’ve been searching online for the “perfect theme” for affiliate marketing, and you know there are way too many to choose from. In this article, I’ll be sharing with you the best WordPress themes for affiliate marketing.

Statistics show 80% of brands have adopted affiliate marketing and the interest in the subject grew by 30% in one year! Even when you compare affiliate marketing to other methods of attracting new customers, it’s growing faster than other marketing methods. Take a look at Google Trends…

Those who decide to get into affiliate marketing–whether as an additional stream of income, to grow a passive income portfolio, or to focus on it as a primary business–have many opportunities and it’s only going up. One key to tapping into this pool of opportunity is to have quality content that’s laid out to make a good user experience for website visitors. WordPress is the #1 blogging platform for making this happen, and these are 4 of the Best WordPress themes on the market today.

How I Selected These WordPress Themes

There are millions of WordPress themes. Some are free and some are considered “premium”. Themes vary by customization, features, support, and many other things. I picked these 4 themes as the Best WordPress themes for affiliate marketing because they:

  • Have great customer support
  • They’re priced affordably in comparison to the industry
  • They are well-known to have optimal results on website speed tests
  • They can be customized for landing pages, funnels, and conversion tools
  • They’re compatible with e-commerce, online courses, forums, and other functions you might want to have

If any of these functions suit your goals, then these 4 WordPress themes will help you out.

My List of the 4 Best WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketers

Without further ado, let’s talk about the 4 best WordPress themes for affiliate marketers…

1. Astra

The Astra Theme is considered the “fastest-growing theme of all time” with 426,000+ users. It integrates with top conversion plugins, e-commerce plugins, and online sales plugins  so many people switch to it because it makes running their businesses easier.

Who is this Best for

  • Those who want to sell online courses using a WordPress plugin like LifterLMS or Learndash
  • Those who want to use WordPress to sell products online with Woocommerce
  • Those who want to create landing pages and funnels using Elementor
  • And, those who want a customizable and affordable WordPress theme

What’s Offered

  • Lots of pre-made templates to make site setup easy
  • Integrations with leading e-commerce tools like LifterLMS, Learndash, Woocommerce, and others
  • Lots of customization options

What they are Missing

Astra has very few cons from users, however, there are a few. They say comment styling options could be improved, archive page styling could be improved, and some users would like to see more header styling options.


Astra is a free theme, however, if you want customer support and additional customizations, you’d have to pay $59 for premium access.

How to Get Started

To get started with the Astra theme, you can download it here or upgrade to the pro version for all there is to offer.

2. GeneratePress

GeneratePress has 2 million+ downloads and 200,000+ active users. It’s known as a “well-coded” theme that’s great for sites that want something lightweight for optimal speeds. They’ve recently added lots of integrations as well, so a great theme can also have lots of customization options.

Who is this Best for

  • Those who want a continually updated theme
  • Those who want great customer support
  • Those who want optimal page speed
  • Those who want simplicity
  • Those who want integrations with Elementor

What’s Offered

A theme that’s endorsed by top internet marketers

  • Lots of integrations
  • Ongoing maintenance (for premium subscribers)
  • 40% discount on resubscription (for premium subscribers)

What they are Missing

  • The page builder customizations can be improved
  • The layout of the theme customizations can be improved


Generatepress is a free theme, but it costs $49 to get support and additional customization features.

How to Get Started

To get started with GeneratePress, you can download the theme here or upgrade to the pro version for all that it offers.

3. StudioPress

The Studiopress Genesis Framework powers 500,000+ WordPress websites. They have many themes and layouts, and they’re now owned by WP Engine.

Who is this Best for

  • This is best for someone who wants a specific layout that Studiopress offers
  • Those who want a lightweight theme that’s maintained consistently
  • Those who want simplicity

What’s Offered

  • The well-known Genesis framework
  • Lots of layout options

What they are Missing

  • Integrations for page builders
  • Integrations specifically designed for online courses or e-commerce
  • They have less customization options than Astra or Generatepress


The individual themes cost in the range of $130, the package with all of the themes costs $499 annually, and there is also the option to get the themes for free when you sign up to WP Engine.

How to Get Started

To get started, you can pick the theme you want or get the themes free when you sign up for hosting with WP Engine.

4. Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes are designed with Sales conversions as the #1 goal. They layout the themes to make it easy for users to buy products and services from you, which is why they have a huge community of fans.

Who is this Best for

  • Those who want WordPress themes and may also want conversion tools
  • Those who want seamless integration with their other conversion tools

What’s Offered

WordPress themes, WordPress learning management software, countdown timers, optin boxes, landing page software, and more.

What they are Missing

Thrive themes isn’t primarily created with speed in mind, so many users have said the tools slow down their websites, and this was my personal experience as well.


Thrive Themes are currently only available to Thrive members. The annual membership is $228, and it includes countdown timers, one year of support, landing page software, many courses on conversion optimization, and the themes.

How to Get Started

To get started, you’d become a Thrive member here and begin using the tools you need.

What’s the Market Saying

As you can see, the interest in these 4 themes is almost tied. These are definitely 4 very popular WordPress themes on the market.

Bottom Line on the Best WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketers

Choosing a WordPress theme could be painstaking if you don’t use what works. Each of these themes is proven to work for hundreds of thousands of people for their own reasons. If you’re looking for a theme that’s made specifically for integrations and customization, then choose Astra. If you have other goals that I’ve mentioned here, choose the one that satisfies your goals best.

I’d love to hear what you decide. Leave your comments below.

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